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Tools of the Trade

We have found ourselves with a shortage of digging forks and spades for the new season. They all just seemed to give up the ghost at the same time.

The last casualty was a Spear & Jackson spade that just snapped (the metal spade bit) when we were digging out a culvert.

I've been looking at Bulldog tools and I'm tempted to invest in them - does anyone here use them?
Rick & Carol

I got my last fork from Lidl and to be honest it's as good as much more expensive stuff I've had

Trouble is, we have no Lidl near us

I'm not a great Spear and Jackson fan. Saying that, my fork has done some 10 years but it hasn't done serious work like clearing out culverts! Bulldog stuff isn't bad mind.

We survived for many years on 'heirlooms'. I had some of my Grandad's garden tools and was very fond of my mum.s border fork and spade.
When I consider that mum's been gone for 18 years, the old tools owed us nothing.

The Spear & Jackson fork and spade were a 'bargain' at the time and only a few years old, the fork died last summer.I do still have both my grandad's and my mum's hand forks - no-one else is allowed to use them
The handles feel wonderful...

Well bulldog were always reckoned to among the best, but i have to admit that i bought a spade from Lidl and i love it , i've had it 2 years and think its great .

Bulldog tools. like most things the quality isn't the same as before, but the digging tools aren't too bad (just don't buy the cutting tools). We sell all sorts of tools, Bulldog is one of them.

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