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Tomorrow is Plough Monday

Along with tomorrow being Twelfth Night, it is also Plough Monday; the traditional start of the English Agricultural year.

Here is a link to my recipe for a Tradtional Norfolk Plough Pudding

I enjoyed reading that post again - have you made it again this year?

Sort of

This evening's version has been named: Thorpe Hamlet Steam pudding.

1 Pork chop ~~~ minced,
Smoked back Bacon ~~~ slashed into thin strips
1 Leek ~~~ sliced.
Cold Smoked Cheddar Cheese.
4 leaves of fresh Sage ~~~  bruised & torn.
Black Pepper ~~~ freshly ground.
Goodly slosh of mixed fruits vinegar.



I'm really sorry folks............. I got my dates all confuddled.  According to British Calendar Customs Plough Monday 2015 is next Monday: the 12th of January.

I didn't like to say     Any way two helpings of that put should be good.

darkbrowneggs wrote:
...two helpings of that put should be good.

I agree! It looks fantastic! (now, if life would slow down a bit I could try some of these recipes.... As well as making a few of my own!)

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