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This is a strange one that I have never seen before.
Earlier this year I bought 2 tomato plants from the local garden center (my seeds were very slow germinating). 1 x Moneymaker and 1 x Alicante. Both are reliable varieties and bear normal sized and shaped fruit.  
Not these !! The first truss set on each plant and as the fruit developed they were as expected.
The second and subsequent trusses however are the size and shape of plum tomatoes.  
When I left school I worked for a few years on a Market Garden. We grew thousands of tomatoes each year including both these varieties but I've never come across this.
Has anyone else ?
I'll try and get some photos.

Tomato photos,

Not very good photos but the first toms are round and the later are plum shaped.

Makes you wonder if the plants were wrongly labeled before being supplied to the garden centre. Of if someone used the wrong seed packet when originally planting.

Or if you have fairies in your garden.  

The realy strange thing is that the first trusses were normal sized, round fruit but the subsequent ones are smaller, plum shaped fruits.  

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