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I've had my orders as to what I've got to grow in the 'poly' for house use this year and high up on my list, are tomatoes. Most of the Hairy Bikers cookery books use loads of them.
Like most people, we grow them every year but obviously, some varieties are tastier than others. We've been disappointed in the past, because some of them that we've grown have been pretty bland and tasteless but Karen has definitely ordered the tasty sort.
Which ones do you grow and would recommend as being flavoursome? What are your favourites?

Definiteley any of the black russian type

I am happy with a lot of Italian plum types, but tried little round baby toms last summer and they were great - the kids loved them, so Ill be doing these now.

My overall favourite is  Ildi  a small yellow tomato, trouble free to grow and produces masses of sweet yellow fruit. Gardeners Delight is always reliable.I was very disappointed in Shirley, tasteless.

I've never grown the black Russian type - one for this year.

Pink or Red Brandywine for great big tasty slicing tomatoes.  Moneymaker cos Dad always grew them and they are reliable.  Sweet Onehundred or one of the small sweet red mulitfruited one such as Gardners Delight.  Sungold  reilable and tasty and plenty of yellow fruit.

Feed with seaweed meal or daggings in a water butt rather than modern tomato feed

Lots of others but those would be my pick

Any surplus can be frozen whole in bags, or sliced and cooked with olive oil, garlic, salt pepper and basil in the bottom of the aga then frozen in the trays, (dont put the tomato slices in too thick a layer when cooking them) and broken up into clumps when frozen down  Put in poly bags and use for recipes later.  Takes less space than freezing whole but not so quick

Missed this earlier, but by heck you have had some good suggestions ...

I agree with the Russian and Italian varieties, also the good old favourites, Gardeners Delight and Money Maker.

What I will add is, its all down to taste, no not just personal taste.
When I had the plots, all the water came from barrels, loads of manure well dug in. Also I use to make buckets of nettle tea, in fact an old bath of the stinking stuff...

Its not only your choice of seed, but also How and what you feed them. It makes one heck of a difference to taste.
You only get out what you put in.......................

I agree with Darkbrowneggs...the brandywines are superb!!!!

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