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Yesterday I recieved this superb hand made gift from Toddy. I love the smell of lavender and the work thats gone into it is exquisite. I'd love to know how you make them. A lovely present, thank you so very much.


How lovely!

I'm really pleased you liked it  

There are some absolutely beautiful ones from Provence, but I like the simple lavender wands too because they're firm enough and slim enough to slip in between things in drawers and in the linen cupboard and not fall apart.
That one is very fresh though Kaz, you might need to unpick the bow and work with a pin to gently tighten up the ribbon weaving. Just start at the top and keep going.

I'm not going to have time to do a tutorial today (taking the 93 year old Uncle to visit his not very well friend of over seventy years down in Ayr, and then again this evening to visit his sister in law who lives with him who is also in hospital) but I'll do one and see if I can manage to load photographs with it.

Basically you need an odd number of weaving stems. I used 22 but as I wove over two at a time that gave me 11 working stems.
If they are too fresh they'll snap when you bend if you don't gently rub and fold then rounded over your finger. If they're too dry, they just break and all the flower heads try to fall off as you work. It's not that you can't do it, just that it needs an awful lot of care.
Since we want the flowers trapped inside, best advice is to cut fresh, lay them in the shade, put the kettle on, make a cuppa, gather the ribbon and scissors and by the time you've footered around that lot, they'll be just right to work

Take a length of ribbon that's the full stretch of your arms, and gather the stems carefully so that you have all of the base of the flowers together.
Tie the ribbon tightly around that base (you can use a rubber band here if you like for simplicity, but I've done it often enough that I know how to hold the bunch together) making one end very much shorter than the other. The short end, usually something like a foot long, is pulled down wards and in among the flower heads to hang in the centre of the stems when you are working.

With your off hand hold the bunch of flowers with the stems sticking upwards and then gently work your way around bringing down two stems at a time.
The ribbon goes over two, under two until you're back at the start, and you just keep going.

At first it seems like such a fankle, and then you get the hang of it and it's lying neat and tidy. When you get to the end of the flowers (and if some are really awfully long you can just push them up inside the bundle) the ribbon will have pulled all the stems together again.
Bring up the short length and cross it with the longer one, wrap around the stems and knot securely……make it into a bow, add in extra ribbons, wrap the entire stems with them if you like.

I generally cut the stems off neat and tidy and just leave them like that.
Really simple and straightforward these ones

The ribbons often need tightened up again as the wand dries, so I keep them in a basket on my desk for a couple of weeks (smells wonderful ) where I can see them and just peacefully spend five minutes or so fixing them up now and then.
After a fortnight they're usually as dry as they're going to get, so a final pretty up and they're ready to be used in the linen press.

If you use extra heads you can make really beautiful baby rattle shaped ones too.
I quite like them in assorted greens and purple colours just sitting in a basket to gently scent a room.


I'm sure that clever clogs will have a go at making one of those.

Well you did buy those new lavender plants  

I have loads of these sort of ideas/crafty things around……we could compile a thread of 'things to do with….Lavender' or Roses, or….. ??
Everything from bathbombs to biscuits
Everybody chipping in their uses and ideas too.


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