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Yorkshire Geordie

Today's saunter

I took my camera on a slow saunter today.
This year's crop of blackberries is coming along nicely ...

... and won't be long before they're ready.  

The brood of 2015 came sailing by inspecting their domain ....

... shepherded by Mrs. Duck.  

Unfortunately, a little further along their way she was abandoned ....

.... so she had to turn back in search of them.  

A lone gull soared above in the blueness of sky ....

.... or at least, I thought it was alone ........

.. and when I looked again there was a passing aeroplane in the frame.  

I took a parting shot of the "White Bridge" which was not as white as its name implied.

Shortly afterwards Mrs Y.G. and Biscuit arrived and it was time to wend our way homewards.
At least it was nice and warm out in the last of the July sun.  
Yorkshire Geordie

Here, now that I've managed to look at them on my computer, are three more images.

Here is a large white bird swanning about ..........

... which displayed a plumbing article ....

... commonly known as a "swan-neck".  

Another sunny picture to end with.


Beautiful images.  We were holidaying down your way a few weeks ago. We stayed near Honiton  and visited the World of Country Life, Buckfast Abbey etc and had a fabulous cream tea at Newton Poppleford as well as just enjoying the lovely countryside.  Hope the sunshine holds on for a while.

Thank you  

Thanks for sharing these with us .


 Enjoyed that.

Great Pics  The countryside looks so similar to Pembrokeshire - I suppose it would have strong links as it is only half a days sail away
Yorkshire Geordie

Today, since the sun has been shining,  we've been to Exmouth.
Mrs YG took Biscuit for a saunter by the sea edge and can be espied in a pink jacket on the right of this shot ....

... and on the lower left of this shot.

The view over the sea has been splendid ...

and even a shot of Exmouth prom ...

and the new "Ocean" complex ....

Biscuit really enjoyed herself and was glad to get back home for a well earned rest/nap.  
Yorkshire Geordie

Today we (Me, Biscuit & Mrs. YG) went for a walk on Dartmoor.
We went via Haldon Hill Forest, where the walnuts and cherries were on display.

The sun was shining    and it was beautiful as we left the forest.

We called in at Bovey Tracey for a pie and pint as you do   before going to Haytor, where in the distance you can see the sea and Torquay.

The ponies were tucking in too ........

....and Mrs YG took Biscuit a quick dash up the tor .....

.. Mrs YG can be seen at centre foot - waiting for Biscuit to catch up.

As Wallace said to Gromit, it was a GRAND DAY OUT.

Thank you very much   look great
Yorkshire Geordie

It's been persistently recently.

The rain deters me from venturing far, but Brian (ex Magic Roundabout) has been climbing the stalk ...

When the rain stops and everything dries out a bit then it's glorious to be out in the countryside ....

Can you see the two walkers on the footpath passing behind the central tree? One's to the right and the other to the left of the tree.


Are they two deers ?

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