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Today, I'll be making a start on getting next years firewood

Today will see me making a start on getting the bulk of next years firewood in. Throughout the year, I'm always on the look out for any spare bits of timber lying about but while any finds are useful, they are never enough to see us through the winter.
I've been waiting for the local forestry business to get some 15 foot slabs in. These are the cut offs when the company gives the natural rounds  squared edges. Cut up and seasoned, these slabs have proven to be extremely economical to burn and heat the house. There's an enormous amount of timber in each load and all in all, I envisage making about ten journeys with the trailer over the next couple of month or so. I'm going to try and get it done as quickly as possible, so that once the wood is safely in the log store, I'll be able to enjoy the summer and not have to worry about keeping warm next winter.

Each load costs me just over twenty pounds a time and i'll try and get some pictures taken so that you can see what I get for my money. You still can't beat getting wood for free though can you?

While finding free firewood is always a good thing, it is becoming increaseingly difficult over here, you used to be able to help a farmer out by removing any trees that had blown over in the winter storms, but now they want payment, you do all the work and they get paid........don't think so.

I now buy all my firewood in 3 meter lengths of varierying diameter from the local government owned forest.

I have just purchased 103 cords of larch, heres a pic of me loading the wood into a waggon.

Will post more pics when I start to saw up, split and stack.

Its the same here Border.
They are cutting loads of small trees down at the sides of the road throughout the UK but the contractors would rather shred them, rather than let people have the timber as firewood.

Border, I'm drooling over all that lovely wood in your pic  
We've approached the Forestry Commission in the past but got nowhere.

Ours is all down and in i am pleased to say - nearly all ash with some oak and beach. Simon has done a fair bit of copicing this winter and also trimmed off the branches growing horizontally out from the old hedge along the lane - in addition to the hedge laying carried out by SWP on our hedge line we have enough in for around 1 and 1/2 winters plus the odd use over two summers. the wood burner is our only form of heating so we go through a fiar bit in the winter but at least its all free....have 10 acres of woods plus the hedges so enough to keep us going through a life time or two I think.

Bodger - yours sounds like a deal....its around 100 a pick up truck load around here for cut and split wood.........which is another reason I amgrateful we have our own

I paid 22.50 including the Vat for this load.

I fetched two loads today, which I should represent about a quarter of what I'll require to last me over 12 months. I anticipate that it will be well into 2012 before I need to start burning it.
It took Blind Pugh and myself close on three hours to turn the slabs into logs. Here's what 45.00's worth looks like.


Now you just have to hump it into the store!    

We pay 90 for 2 cubic metres of seasoned hardwood, bucked & split. We used to get through probably 3 loads each winter (plus around 1/4 to 1/2 tonne of coal) with the open fire. Now that I've fitted the woodburner though, our consumption has probably gone down by 60%!!!

I've registered with the forestry commission as a purchaser, but each sale notification I've received so far has been for large quantities of raw timber in remote locations

Time to get a trailer & see what I can find from our local parks department, methinks! Most of their coppiced & trimmed timber is jsut shredded. What a waste  

Serious log envy    

That looks like a good pile.
Any idea how much there is in volume?

I got what was known as a CSE in maths at school. The lowest grade was a six and I got a five, so I honestly wouldn't have a clue as to where to start on working out what volume of timber that pile represents.

Looks to be anywhere between 3 & 4 cubic metres............

Nice stash!  

I am guessing that the trailer is 10'x6'x18"

So if it was level full it would hold 90 cu ft or about 2.57m3

Again I would guess that each bundle would not completely fill the trailer once cut.

But that 3 bundles would fill it level twice. So that puts each bundle at 1.7m3 ish.

That makes the wood very good value at 13.23 per m3.

We are paying 25 per m3 (inc del but ex VAT) for it in the round.

You know where to go and get it Richard. The 12 foot slabs that I got are the best value, but they wont have anymore in for a month or two. They are currently on the 5ft 6" lengths for fence posts which are nowhere near as good value.

I would need about 20 of them I think.

But deff worth looking into.

We get our by the loga and trailer loads

This lot cost us $1000. and that is it being unloaded on our place most is sold as split loads at $180 a cord, we have our own spliter and chainsaws as we have felled trees ourselves in the past. we also get log ends from the local mill sometimes. We used to get mill slab from another mill like you but the local mill peels their logs and makes ply. The logs are just down graded from same forest but you have to use a loga to get them

bodger wrote:
I got what was known as a CSE in maths at school. The lowest grade was a six and I got a five, so I honestly wouldn't have a clue as to where to start on working out what volume of timber that pile represents.

Here you go mate.  

I'll be getting quite a few of these slabs this year but have decided not to cut any subsequent loads up into logs. I'm going to probably cut the 14 foot lenghts into two and then stack them off the ground a bit like Jenga bricks and let them dry. Then I'll cut them into logs as I need them.

Depending on the saw type you use, that will either make it easier or much harder to cut. They will dry quicker if you cut them into log sizes, but if times not important than it wont matter.

More manual handling too. You can however make good self supporting stacks using the billets that only need a small tarp over the top.

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