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Rick & Carol

tipsy pigs

we've just strained the second dandelion wine off to a demijohn & the pigs had the leftover must, as they will with the current batch of rhubarb wine when that goes to a demijohn in a week. They love it but smell like a Saturday night reveller afterwards

I made some beer a few years back which didn't taste like I wanted it to. The pigs got a couple of pints a day and didn't complain at all  

I'm sure DEFRA wouldn't have approved though!
British Red

Have you tried the yeast sediment on chickens? Mine love it...but it gets everywhere when they dive in head first  Hilarious watching them peck it off each others comb!
British Red

Rick is your rhubarb wine dry? If so can I trouble you for the recipe please? Many are too sweet I find.
Rick & Carol

British Red wrote:
Rick is your rhubarb wine dry? If so can I trouble you for the recipe please? Many are too sweet I find.

Well this is only the second time I've made it but last years was dry, clear & quite strong  so here's hoping.

I used HFW's basic recipe for fruit wine for last years, rhubarb, blackcurrant, blackberry, gooseberry & raspberry and all turned out OK.

5lb fruit
I KG CASTER SUGAR, which I find dissolves very easily
8 pints water
1 tsp brewers yeast - I used super yeast which says it gives high alcohol content (possibly why none of the wines were sweet)

chop or pulp the fruit add 4 pints boiling water leave for 24 hours

dissolve half the sugar in 4 pints boiled water, when luke warm add the yeast. I leave for an hour or two for the yeast to wake up then add to the must & stir.

Stir daily for a week then transfer to demijohn, add remainder of the sugar & give must to the happy pigs

works for me  HFW in his recipe says to add citric acid or juice & rind of an orange or lemon but I didn't bother with this & it was none the worse. Maybe someone else will have a view on the citric acid being necessary, I think it would depend on the acidity of the fruit.
Rick & Carol

Hope this helps
British Red

Excellent thanks.

Yeast does need a mildly acid environment so adding citric acid to flower and fruit wines is a good idea, but rhubarb contains oxalic acid so adding more is probably unnecessary.

Thanks for this, I'll probably chuck in some yeast nutrient and a few raisins but the base recipe sounds great - appreciate you taking the time


We get brewers grain for our cattle from a small local beer maker, they love it when it comes
British Red

Thanks Rick. Just racked the rhubarb wine and its nice and dry. I used dry sugar to draw the juice and added some yeast nutrient. Other than that just as you wrote.

If you can leave a container with your local pub, the beer slops are well worth getting for your pigs.

I get bad barrels from a local pub, it's all calories  

Our local gets bad barrels but they still sell them.

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