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Time to restock

I've been feeling a bit better in myself and I'm thinking that it might be time that I gave some thought to buying in some new livestock.

I'm down to just a dozen ducks and I need to off load some of the old ones and then bring some new ones in. Duck egg production has become pretty sparse of late and the current occupants most definitely hasn't been keeping up with demand. Common sense says Khaki Campbells but I do love my Indian Runners.

I still need to get some geese in to sort the grass out. Since the demise of our last horse, we've had a real job keeping on top of it. We've given the pigs massive enclosures to run in but although they will eat some grass, they're not really avid grazers. With the amount of land we have I need to get at least ten or a dozen geese to help the pigs out.

We don't do sheep and we definitely aren't fenced for them but the land is getting so overgrown, I've even given some thought to getting some of the woolly horrors. See ! I said we were getting desperate.

I haven't been able find any stock suitable locally and I'm faced with the daunting task of making the long journey to Chelford cattle market and of course, you never know what's going to be there until you're there. Its far from being ideal but that's choice I've been left with.

Watch this space.

Good luck with search
Yorkshire Geordie

What a dilemma, poor Bodger.
Whatever the outcome please take it steady and don't overdo it.  

For information this monthly auction takes place on the outskirts of Llandilo Carmarthenshire and  is a very interesting place for smallholders.
There is usually an excellent choice of just about anything in the poultry world including ducks and geese.

Ffairfach Poultry and Machinery Sale

Last Saturday of the Month
Poultry - 10.30am
Small Tools and all general items - 10.30am
Vehicles, Machinery, Implements and Farm equipment - 12.00pm

Telephone - Office 01558 822468
Mart 01558 822852

All being well, I've arranged to go with my mate to Chelford next Monday,

Another purchase made.  I've got a dozen Welsh Harlequins ducks coming on Saturday. Four month old females.

I've ended up with half a dozen geese and have some borrowed sheep arriving later this week. My latest livestock project or projects may very well be to build accommodation for some future guinea fowl and possibly a breeding trio of traditional turkeys.

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