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Time to change our car.

We've had our current car, a Fiesta diesel for nine years and had trouble free driving from it as we've taken it up from having just 8000 miles on the clock to having over 140,000. Its been a good car but its definitely ready to be changed.
While we would definitely consider another Fiesta, we really need something a bit bigger with a reasonable towing capacity. We're considering going for a diesel Vauxhall Insignia. I know very little about cars, so have any of you folk got any news or views about them? We'll definitely be going for a newish used model.

I don't know much about the modern cars tbh but Vauxhalls seem to be the choice of a local engineering firm of contractors that our place use regularly, all of his vans, large and small are Vauxhalls.

Defo stick with the diesel as you're using it for towing, I know you are probably aware of that anyway lol just thought i'd mention it  

It looks as though we'll be having a diesel Ford Mondeo instead.

Vauxhall is a name that has gone from here  

Test drive tonight at about 6.30. Fingers crossed that her ladyship, AKA the boss likes it.

Insignias look nice, but when I tried one I found the interior very closed in, and dark. Mondeo's are very nice motors.

So what did the BOSS say to a Mondeo ?

Heard very good things about ZAFIRAS

Sorry, couldn't resist

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