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Time for the happy dance!

Dr Ram has just telephoned with the results of the bloodwork done by the outside specialist laboratory, and it is time for the happy dance again!

Pereg's Pb [Phenobarbitone] levels are virtually the same as they have been for the last two 6-monthly blood tests, and are still low enough that we have plenty of scope to increase it if necessary. As she tolerates it extremely well any increase should not cause any problems.

Thyroid panel all absolutely perfect - just TSH slightly low which is probably due to the Pb. The advice from the head of the outside laboratory was that in his opinion only Free T4 and TSH need to be checked in future, unless Pereg shows signs of hypothyroidism or the Monster comes back with a vengeance.

So it is now time for the happy dance!


Dance on!

  We are dancing here too

  that is great news for you & Pereg

Getting the good test results makes up for the money the tests cost!  

[no pet insurance unfortunately]

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