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Time for a move.

This has been the first day in weeks that it hasn't been pouring down with rain. What a difference the odd patch of blue sky makes, so we decided to move Clara and Constance the Large Black gilts from their muddy patch onto some nice grass. Its been the first chance that we've had.

From this.

To this.

Moving house was easy.

We soon got it where we wanted and quickly surrounded it by two strands of electric fence. The piggies soon settled in. It wont be long before they've trashed it.  

And I can't resist showing you this picture of our Gladys. " What do you mean ? Look what you've done to my meadow?" She's most definitely a digger !


Happy as pigs in muck

We've also moved Gladys down into the farmyard and into a pig sty this afternoon. She should be two months pregnant and if we were to move her into a fresh paddock, she'd quickly trash it while the land is this wet. We would have brought her down in a month or so anyway.

Always love your pictures, and your wee updates .

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