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Tilly has a corn

Tilly the lurcher has got a corn on the pad of her paw which is now making her lame.
I didn't realise that it is usually greyhounds and lurchers that get them.
We have spoken to our vet about having it 'hulled' (see link below) and they obviously haven't had to do it before.
We've taken them a copy on the article in the link and are waiting for them to get back to us
Yorkshire Geordie

Blood and sludge - rather Tilly than me.  
I wish her (and you) good luck with the process.

Good luck, Tilly, you'll be fine
Looks to be a very simple procedure with great results
I expect she'll milk it for all it's worth afterwards though

Good luck Tilly - I am sure it will be over before you know it.

Kaz, thank you for the link to that article.  I doubt I will ever need it but have bookmarked it in case anyone on my dog forum might.

Our usual vet is still expecting to give her a general anaesthetic so we are looking further afield..............I'll keep you informed.

Good luck

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