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Tiger Lily 21.04.04 - 02.02.06

It's four years today since TigerLily went to the Bridge aged just 22 months.  She was the first puppy that I bred myself so she was a very special lady - full of fun and mischief.

Sadly, she developed Auto Immune Haemolytic Anaemia and was taken three days after she was diagnosed.  We faced this disease again three years later when BillyBob was diagnosed but we fought it for almost a year before losing him also.  

Unfortunately, some breeds are more predisposed to developing it than others, and we fell into that category.

This disease doesn't have a cure, only treatment which can put it into remission and because there are no identifiable triggers or causes, it cannot be vaccinated against.  

Run free Little Lil, play nice  xxx

Aye, run free Lil.

What a blow to lose 2 pets to the same disease and so young too

       Over the Gate Forum Index -> Gone but not Forgotten
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