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Three for the price of one?

Three Carp Rods for thirty six quid with free delivery? I've just bought these three rods on Fleabay and while they wont be the best rods in the world, they'll certainly do for starters. I'm hoping I'll have many happy hours on the bankside fishing with them.
The deal was for all three of them and because I wont be able to use all three of them, I've already sold one of them to a friend. At 12.00 each, I don't see how we can go wrong, after all, its only the cost of three pints in my local.

Ordered late on Tuesday, delivered ten minutes ago. A bit stiffer than I imagined but they'll be fine. I'll be using them for freshwater eel fishing and for carp but they'll also be useful for some light sea fishing too.

Seems like a good deal to me , tight lines  

Good chance you won't wear them out

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