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Those special little things.

We don't get long tailed tits visiting us very often and we haven't had any on the board for months and months but a few moments ago, as I was washing the dishes, there was a pair feeding on the fat balls. A real treat. They're super birds and I'm extremely envious of anyone who gets them regularly and in numbers. They've gone now but I'm keeping my fingers crossed that they might get to like what we have on offer.

We used to get a small flock visiting regularly .  I always fed de-husked sunflower seeds in the normal peanut type feeders and also had niger seed in the special niger feeder.  From memory they went for the sunflower seeds, as do most birds.  

Also they have the advantage they don't seem to attract the squirrels

I'd love to get the squirrels coming, I've got just the answer for them. We've only had  them two or three times in 28 years.

Me and the missus saw two red squirrels just up the road from here yesterday. We were well chuffed.

and the day became even more special this afternoon. Thanks to a nudge from Colour it Green, I went out to check the ponds.
Thanks for the heads up  Something stirs.

When I went to check the pond, the frogs were actually spawning.  

The Green Woodpeckers have been courting in the stand of trees that we have at the bottom of our garden (they are really in Pilling Park, but make up our boundary). Several Jays have been busy and have collected nesting material from our garden including all of the loose hairs I have brushed out of Oz.

Over this winter it has been a very poor showing at our bird feeders, with even the fat balls being left completely un-touched, this I have put down to the still abundant naturally occurring food available in Lionwood, and our garden being at the end of Lionwood and the beginning of Pilling Park means the birds have probably had the opportunity to visit about 20 or so other feeders before they reach our garden.

However, I have turned this situation around by adding dried mealworms to my bird feeders... approx. 30% volume. It took the birds 2 days to find the mealworms and I have since recorded 28 different species in only 4 days.

When I got back in from the pub quiz last night, Karen told me that she'd heard frog sounds coming from the main garden pond, so I went out by torch light to have a look.  I didn't see the frogs but there on the bottom of the pond in the shallows, I could see a small newt. It hasn't taken them that long to find our recently constructed bit of habitat.

Were mainly getting blue tits, black birds and loads of robins around the feeders at the moment.
However a few days ago, before the big winds of last week, I was in the G/H pottering around as usual. When I noticed it had gone eerily quiet in the garden. Stepped outside to look around, not a sound, not a bird in sight.
Then I noticed perched on the bird table some sort of bird of prey, orangey / tan coloured mottled breast standing about 12-15 inch tall. Too far away to identify properly. Turned to get my camera, He'd gone. Could see him 4-5 gardens away. Much to far away to get a picture especially as the bally battery in my camera was flat....

Some hours later spotted him on our house roof, camera by then still on charge....still do not know what he was.....  

Sounds like a Kestrel to me diggers.

I have a problem with a sparrowhawk at the moment, no small birds on the feeders at all.

Thanks for that Border, could well have been a kestrel. I remember the sun was quite bright that day ( yes it does shine occasionally ), so the bird in question seemed a more orangey colour than in the film I've just watched.

Thanks again  

Rumpy pumpy and lots of it. There are six beautiful frogs in the small pond tonight but only a couple in the bigger wildlife pond.

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