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mrs tiggywinkle

those snails

As I've said here before Jacks got some Giant Africa snails (I think their great) anyway I was worried about one of them yesterday it didnt move all day but seems to be ok now. What else beside lettuce and cucumber can we feed then on please. Ta.
green man

well in the garden they eat cucumbers strawberries cabbages they love box hedge but I don't know why. :-) they will also tuck into doggy dodos they love guinness but can easily drown but the vitamins will be good if they are feeling low.

I dunno - ours passed away...
I think they need a cuttle fish thingy too, for their shells.

Yes they need a cuttle fish. Ours would only eat cucumber but they died so I have no idea what they should eat!  

try your most prized veggies on your plot....... ::  they seem to like them.... rolleyes.gif

your obviously not doing it right mogs. Mine don't get eaten. But  :hello2: I've got green green fingers.
green man

I like to eat my veggies thats what I grow them for. :-)

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