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mrs tiggywinkle

Those snails ....again

Sunday night we discovered that one of Jacks snails had laid EGGS!!!!!! now the dilema (sp!!) WHAT do I do with them!!!!!
 Also one of them was making a nest (I think) last night so no doubt there will be

see what you've missed out on Rare One!!!!
Duane Dibbley

Can't you use the eggs as an alternative to Caviar ?
mrs tiggywinkle

  I'll pop some in the post for yoy to try.  Good idea!!

Mrs Tiggywinkle, are these land snails??

If so, could you post them anywhere for sale, offer people a chance to be put down on a request list. Then as they hatch and are big enough to go to new homes. offer them on a first-come first-served basis from the list.

As long as you supply a good info pack on the care and absolute essentials such as tank, keeping them moist, substrata and food needs, and make it clear that these are musts for correct care, lus how big they get, how long lived, how much they eat, what they need if you go on holiday etc. There are 2 or 3 really good internet sites detailing all of it.

I know some snails sell for pets at around 7 for the snails when still only a couple of inches long.

Excretia, you forgot recipes.
Rare one

Missed out ? Lucky escape is what I'd call it, I'll come visit them at yours Mrs Tiggywinkle, I don't do pets any more,see where it's got you with Jack's multiplications.Much rather keep an eye on Warrior's cacti and succulents.

Bazzer wrote:
Excretia, you forgot recipes.

There's a nice one in last month's Home Farmer mag if anyone wants it?      


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