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Dave C

This years Meat birds

Bred these myself from 2 types of French Sasso meat hybrids I kept back last year, they are the Free range type.

4 Weeks old now
The Whites are Sasso x Cuckoo Marans

A Sasso x Marans Pullet

Not a good pic, but a nice shape

I will be keeping the Pullets back again for breeding and there excellent layers all year round.
And the fittest cockerel as a back up to last years big fella.

Them,s some meaty looking birds  
Dave C

There 12 weeks now!
Haven't weighed them yes but they feel meaty enough.

This is the Slow growth x Medium growth Sasso's
Like the medium growth Sasso's they have bad movement and probably wouldn't make breeding age.

One of The Sasso x Marans

This is the most suitable slow growth Sasso Cockerel to keep for breeding next year

Dave C

They will be 14 weeks this week.
Here are a few pics of this batch before there off to freezer camp.

I'm keeping all the Pullets again for next years breeding and laying.
The Slow Sasso Pullets have a salmon colour.

The Pullet in front is the only one showing the dwarf gene.

Slow x Intermediate Sasso Pullet & Cockerel
Like last years the Intermediate Cockerels have bad movement.

Slow Sasso Cockerel
Nice bird but again his movement isn't as free as I like in a breeder.

Slow Sasso Cockerel
Finally the chosen one for next years breeding.

I'm also trying to keep his dad going until next year as well.
Dave C

Dispatched the cockerels yesterday, went ok not a job I enjoyed but its what I signed up for when I wanted better quality meat which has lived a free range life.

I'm very pleased with the second generation Sasso types, weights ranged from 2.2kg - 2.66kg dressed at 15 weeks old.
On par with last years bought in birds.

So 1 year on and I would say it was a worthwhile project.
Fingers crossed they continue to breed true.

The Sasso x Marans were a different shaped bird altogether.
Lowest dressed out at 1.7kg, largest at 1.96kg.
They would of been better in another month or so but for 15 weeks they had as much meat yield as a 24 week Sussex in my opinion.

So the verdict is still out on them.
What you all think?

Thx for the pics and info Dave. They look pretty good and with those weights you must be chuffed.

Is there any difference in flavour. ?
How do you dispatch them Dave. ?
Dave C

Thanks Welshboy and yes if they keep breeding true and producing those weights I will be very chuffed  

Also the laying qualities of the hens are fantastic.
They are very good duel purpose.

The only downside really is they only last a year or so.
Dave C

brewer66, oh yes the flavour is fantastic in both breast meat and leg and the best thing is the texture.
You can carve the meat as you should be able to, not like the soft mush you get in the supermarket.

I use the broomstick method to dispatch.
Quick, clean and certain.

If your not familiar, google it for more info  
Yorkshire Geordie

By 'eck - it looks brutal ........

..................  but at least it is quick.

Dave C

No...... that's not how I do it !!!!!

I use the broomstick, yes
But face the chicken downwards, stick over back of it's neck.
Stand on the stick and pull legs upwards, steadily.
You feel a click then release.
The chickens neck is broken, Not removed.

I then hang upside down for 20 mins.
This bleeds the bird, the blood collects in the break in the neck.
So very clean.
Dave C

Took these last week when the sun was out.
Faces are starting to reden at 17 weeks, there mothers started laying at 18 weeks last year, so fingers crossed for some eggs soon.

Dave C

Some IG at 7 weeks

Sold a lot this year but these are keepers
Like there shape

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