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Dave C

This Years Indian Game

Some of this years keepers at 13 weeks old.

Nice Blue Pullet, just loosing the last of her chick fluff
and her lacing should tighten up over the next month or so.

The Jubilee finally has her lacing coming through.

Can't leave out Blue Boy a cockerel I have kept from an earlier batch.

This this guy could be my Dark Laced cockerel keeper
Showing his size next to a Wyndotte bantam.

Another Blue Pullet


Good looking birds  

I dark coloured one's that I like Dave. They look striking.
Dave C

Thanks, I will be keeping a Dark cockerel from this batch so between him and Blue Boy will be able to breed various colours next year.

Also will be weighing them at 16 weeks to select the fastest maturing birds.

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