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Dave C

This years breeding plans?

What's your plans for this year?
Re stocking, improving type, egg numbers or meat birds?

I will be setting my first batch tomorrow.
It will have eggs crossed between my two French free range meat hybrids (Gallic x Farm Rangers)
This will be the second year project and tell me whether they can be kept sustainable, they survived the year and laid all winter so if the finish at the same weight x time ratio they will prove to be the excellent duel purpose birds.

I'm also starting a second project crossing my Galic x Cuckoo Marans.
The Marans are from a good utility stock so should produce black Pullets of good laying brown eggs and Barred cockerels of a good meaty weight.
If they are successful I will keep a barred cockerel back to breed back over the black hens producing double genes of meat bird and dark layers.
Well that's the plan ha.
All The offspring will all be barred, so also uniforming colour.

Another interesting year  

More of the same for me this year with one slight development. This year, I'll be waiting to see how my LS hens turn out. They'll be 75% my old birds with just 25% of the Fred Hamms blood in them.

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