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This seasons ratting photos.

Here's a few photos from my ratting season. The Russell in the majority of the photos is my bitch, Mavis and there's a few of a dog pup we're bringing on, called Odin.


Nice one dude, some cracking pics' there.  

the quick and dead.
Yorkshire Geordie

Very good photos   so clear with good detailing.
I wouldn't like to be on the receiving end of those working dogs.  
I think they look as if they are really enjoying the work out.

A job well done and well worth doing. Brilliant photos Ian.    Did you take the pictures? How many rats did you end up with?

Brilliant work there
Dave C

Cracking pictures mate and handy looking dogs  :

I get the terrier lads in to do round the pens after the shooting season
It's good crack.

Thanks for the comments.

I take the photos myself using a Nikon DSLR. I've been lucky enough to get some reasonable shots. Being in the right place at the right time helps.

We've had just short of 600 rats so far. We've got one week left to do. These are from the fields and cover on a pheasant shoot. We have to dig them out of their burrows.
We could easily catch that number in a day at a chicken farm but the surroundings aren't as nice as the South Downs.

Outstanding photos  thanks very much for putting those up

Fantastic images, well done!

12Bore wrote:
Fantastic images, well done!
eddie b

Cracking photo's! Do you ever do any video's?

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