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This Season 2013

To be honest Hit and Miss...

Every year since I can care to remember,Let Christmas go by, start off my tomato seeds and over the past couple of years Capsicum pepper seeds.

Always plant a few more Broad Beans beans Jan-Feb time...cos' I love BB's especially with ham....but that's Me...
So an extra 30 were sown...27 are now almost ready to plant.

As for the tommies...well I'm on my third sowing, average of 24 far 3 specimens.and I mean specimens...still awaiting second leaves....ussually by now 3 inch tall ...still there is still time..

for the capsicum pepper....ships!..never have so many germinated..... every one knowingly sown has grown...Kept in the same conditions as the tell me?

Yesterday sowed Pumpkins,Squashes, Courgetes (2 types yellow and green) and Cucumbers.....

Does OH know they are now under our Bed....come on its warmer than the G/H ouse.....

Hows it been so far for yourselves....hits -misses...?

Plans...fairing well ?

Blimey Diggers - just looked at the title of the thread and thought great gods he's planning ahead that man is  

MrsWW wrote:
Blimey Diggers - just looked at the title of the thread and thought great gods he's planning ahead that man is

Job done Mrs WW....Silp of me one digital funger...finger...

At least some one read it....      

MrsWW wrote:
Blimey Diggers - just looked at the title of the thread and thought great gods he's planning ahead that man is

Job done Mrs WW....Silp of me one digital funger...finger...

At least some one read it....      

Always planning a head....100 years......??  EEEr!....trying...    

OOOOps!......Its Age .....can't help...But Repeat  Me Self...



One too many DD ??  

Havent got round to sowing anything yet   have looked through the seed packets though  

Nothing sown here yet, but then it was mid March before we started anything off last year.

Keeping it simple this year, less varieties of the same thing.

About to start putting seeds in for winter crops.

I have cleaned the greenhouse which i suppose is a start. After last year i am only going to grow stuff in the greenhouse, toms, cucumbers, peppers and say sod it to the veg patch. It is always me that does all the planting, weeding, harvesting etc and i didnt have the time last year and alot of it went to seed.


sod wrote:
About to start putting seeds in for winter crops.

So what crops are you planting for your winter season Sod?

Would be interesting to compare what you are able to grow, against our limited ability.

I've just got to tell somebody this, so it might as well be you lot. Three of the Sharps Express potatoes that I planted in my polytunnnel have stuck their heads above ground and have sprouted.    

Aptly named...Express..

You'll be surprised how quickly the rest will start to show their heads now.
10-12 weeks from time of planting you will be enjoying a plate of New Tatties well before the rest of us

Mine are still chitting away, to say not even planted as yet. May plant them latter this month, see what the forecasts say.

My spuds are pushing up the soil in their pots too!! Only a matter of days before we get a leaf showing. Already picking pea shoots and some salad leaves. Love lizzie

With the winter that has arrived this weekend I'm glad that I've done nowt with planting. Last week we woke up to blue skies, foot of frost, temperatures which soared in the sun and then dropped rapidly at dusk. Not the sort of weather that encourages planting anything unless you have a greenhouse.

Can't  say as I blame you Christine...every time I attempt to start anything, the weather changes pretty drastically......Tools out - tools in....

Hardly seems worth the effort at the moment.    

Glad I havent done anything yet with this darn weather.  Crikey, just remembered I didnt put the raspberry plant back in the greenhouse, luckily its just by the back door so will bring it in the kitchen, its freezing here.

Checked the seeds potted up 5 days ago and place under the bed, four out of six cucumber set are now showing signs of life  

Perhaps inside growing is the way to go, considering the weather

We are running out of inside space lol. The spare room is chocker and in the greenhouse I have tents inside tents to protect everything that is not too delicate. I have grass growing in seed trays to replace the turf in the chicken run where it has disappeared with the rain. This year I hope I have enough room to keep everything safe untill we can get to plant out the allotment  

Well I've just got around to putting parsley seeds in trays under covers on the sunny (!!) kitchen windowsill. Did that first thing this morning and sun has gone in.  

I went down to the allotment to raid the store of seed compost this afternoon and despite the snow being on the thaw, the soil is mainly frozen. And we are under a yellow warning of snow for the rest of today and tomorrow.

Perhaps I do need a greenhouse. But with landlord holding fire on telling us whether he's going to renew the lease on the allotment site, not to bother this year.

Traditionally this weekend is well known for planting out potatoes. St. Patrick's Day.
Just about every year I've always managed to plant out on or around this date, give or take 2 or 3 days.
Somehow I can't see this happening this season. Not only this weekends forecast of rain, but the forecast for  the week ahead...more cold weather ?
Ah! well it looks to be a few more days of thumbing through the seed brochures...
Any thoughts on planting out later in the season?

Needs must do everything later looking at this week. Rain is one thing but with the five day forecast including sleet and snow, gardening is just a dream. Everything will go in late I suspect here. It's beginning to look more like the first week of April.  

On a happier far....

8 out of 12 courgette, 6 out of 6  pumpkins and 7 out of 6 cucumbers (must have dropped an extra in somehow )
Have now shown since potting up and kept under the bed.
All I need now is the weather to plant them out...They can't live in the conservatory forever....

It started to sleet around 5pm yesterday, snow settled, washed off mostly overnight but still raining with forecast of sleet and snow till midday Wednesday. I see the five day forecast adds another day of snow on Friday.

Plant outside? Even the weeds are looking at me irritated and if you can stop hairy bittercress in its tracks, well that's bad weather.  

Not sure that the second week of April is looking good at the moment.

Digindeep wrote:
...They can't live in the conservatory forever....

They didn't, lost all the cucumbers and three squashes  

Such was obviously too cold for them....good job I still have a few more to sow....try try again time.....  

At last....some good news....the leeks I sowed back in late Feb early March...
are now showing through, with their little black crash hats on..    

At last....some good news....the leeks I sowed back in late Feb early March...
are now showing through, with their little black crash hats on..    

So he tells us the good news twice.  

Up here we don't even consider starting off our squashes, courgettes, marrows till the third week of April in a good year and they rarely go outside till the middle of May (in a good year).

So good he named it twice....    oops!

i've got 3 types of cabbage some cauli and broc ready to out but its so cold at night going to fill the window with 3 inch pots! HRH will kick my backside when she gets home tomorrow andin place of one bigish tray she finds about 25 small pots!

Garlic, onions, strawberries (no 'berries yet ), peas and Romaine lettuce just emerged, peppers planted but not daring to start above soil level yet...

Fruit trees are budding.

And I have no idea how I'm to arrange our new garden spot this year! So Much Space!

budgie wrote:
HRH will kick my backside when she gets home tomorrow :

Not to worry over things like that Budgie....I've been caught out many a time using the micro-wave to warm up pots of compost, well none of us like dipping our toes in freezing cold...   ...also it helps kill off any unwanted bugs
These days I just get "raised " eyebrows....  

Rena...all my soft fruit bushes are still in large buckets, as they were when we moved here over 15mths ago. I did notice the other day however, they are budding up nicely.
Straw's have survived the winter snow, with new leaves appearing. No sign of the rhubarb as yet however...
Yep..I've still loads to do to get the vedge garden going...all the paper plans are ready....just got to get my back into it now the weather ( fingers crossed) is hopefully on the turn...

Here to a better albeit late season....

One or two buds showing on the goosgogs, worcesterberry full of bud, recently planted gage is looking good, new plum looks like a stick, 2 out of three rhubarb looking a bit sick if I'm honest...
On the upside, the garlic in the toilet is doing well.

We made a concerted effort on the allotment last week as the snow had finally gone and the soil was not frozen. Dug over the bed's on hubbies allot and planted and fleeced the potatoes. Cleared the strawberry beds and covered with a frame (old gazebo metal work and plastic) good job we did as frosts are back with a vengence and next door's emerging plants got hit badly where they did not have any protection. On mine the fruit bushes are budding and made sure protection stayed in place. Hubbie planted out late pots ((with my permission lol) and we have made a planting plan for him to follow if 'my' babies need transplanting whilst I am at my daughters at any time.
At home we have the back room turned over to ensuring all seedlings are receiving the light they need whilst being protected as greenhouse and polytunnel are still getting hit by low temperatures at night. I have put a compost heap in the polytunnel and that seems to be generating some heat as the temperature is higher in there than the greehouse even though that has double bubble wrap on walls and roof, to keep heat in
Roll on slightly higher temperatures so that my house looks like a home for people not seedlings.  

Yes I've noted the compost bins (darlek type) are not going down, all four are almost full. Now got a collection of black sacks Filling and piling up. Even by adding plenty of activator, they are still very slow.

This rumour of warmer weather - hmm. Wind still from the east and as it changes we are due to full force of a hooligan. Now will things grow any better in a warmer hooligan than a colder one? Unlikely.

As the weather has been a little kinder over the past few days, in between rain showers I've finally managed to move things on. Mainly by dodging into the G/House.

Potted on courgettes, tomatoes, pumpkins and capsican peppers, at last the G/H is beginning to fill up.

Fixed the gate to the lottie area, mainly to stop mutly using it as his own special dumping ground. Strange really at the previous house very rarely did he ever use the garden. However the previous owners of this house allowed their dog to use the garden. So maybe thats the reason.

Managed to sow various lettuce in small amounts, using the little half trays. That way I can sow a few more latter on.
Sown my first lot of carrots, Chantenay red core, well see how they get on.

Hopefully over the next couple of days I will get the potatoes planted out, Almost a month late, hey ho, they need to go in soon as they are chitting away merrily.

Add to that must get all the brassicas sown soon and the rest of the salad stuff....hope the G/H can take it, as the polly tunnel is nowhere near being erected at the moment.

So much to catch up on, have fun, happy growing

Some rain would be good here and a lack of wind would be good. High winds are drying even when they are warmer than the decimating easterlies we have had for the last month or so.

Some rain to dampen the soil would let me get things into the ground. Have started filling tubs which are easy to water but actually getting things like khol rabi out - not worth it till we have had a few hours of steady rain to wet the top layer of the soil.

got myself running yesterday (thanks mum for coming up and putting her boot up my backside!) now have a load of seed trays planted spinage, chard,sweetcorn 2 types,morrow,corgette 3 types,toms 2 types,peppers 6 types,pumpkin 3 types,squash 2 types,cucumbers,and greenhouse sorted

Cropping spinach and salad leaves. Yum. Love lizzie

What  a beautiful day.....down to shirt sleeves, rolled up, and its been so warm, almost a heat wave in comparison to the past few weeks.

No I 'm certainly not complaining...because I got so much done  

Dug over the tattie bed, leveled it out and now they are IN..finally planted.
Broad bean are in...
All the rubbish burn't, can't beat a good fire ....on such a warm day   it had to be done...
Lawn mowed, first this year, first ever mowing in fact, only laid it back end of last year.
Cukes, squashes, pumpkins and courgettes are all coming on nicely, as are the Tom's at last and the capsican peppers.
Various trays of salad now showing, only seeded them a week or so back.
Its bally magic, a little bit of sun and the whole lot suddenly looks so much better...

Bally magic day....    

Its growing time again...    

Sunday was a little cooler to say the least.

Still managed to get a fair amount done, fixed the gate to the lottie area and blocked off Muttly's other entrance. He's not too chuffed about it, but he will have to learn its now out of bounds.

The G.House is now full to bursting. Sowed loads of brassicas and of course plenty of beans.
What I've found the hardest thing to do and this may sound a little odd is to cut back on the amount I'm sowing, Especially beans,
In the past, down the old lottie, I've always sown 50 plus of each variety, 5-6 lots of dwalf and numerous types of runner/climbing beans.
Such is, the two lotties are a thing of the past. Hopefully I will be at least able to supply enough for our own use at least.
Still it was a good day, lets see what today brings.... the sun is well awake and shining happily  

Happy growing folks......have a good day  

growing veg

Potatoes set in greenhouse 3" high, should be a foot. We usually start eating them the middle of May but this year it will be July I think.
I set 3 rows Charlotte  outside in the beds 6th April & main crop 100 Desire in front garden on the 8th. The problem apart from the cold is the drought, we have had no rain for weeks. I've been watering them also the fruit trees & bushes.
The greenhouse is looking well with tomatoes ,lettuce, cabbage set out & pots with broad beens, peas, leeks, marrows, cucumber & melons waiting to go outside. I've had to cover up for the last 3 nights for frost, but none forcast tonight.

I've noticed today that some of my most forward potatoes have a bit of leaf curl and maybe drooping slightly. I'll get a photo to see if anyone can suggest what might be causing it and even more importantly, what I can do about it?
My potaoes are planted in the polytunnel.

Wonders what manure went in the polytunnel.

Well rotted horse poop, at least three years old.

The picture that you put up reminds me of the early stages of pictures of potatoes damaged by contaminated manure and your manure is still of an age that it might be affected.

Of course, it could be wind or drought or frost despite the poly tunnel - or digging underneath from Mr Mole.

Totally agree with Christine,the problems caused by horse manure in particular, in fact other manures, will live on for a few more years yet.
These are well documented.
If the leaves are a purplish colour towards the centre of the leaf, it could also be PLRV,(purple leaf roll virus ).
This usually happens in humid conditions. (often G/houses,Poly tunnels and often in hot humid countries) Carried by Aphids, which are tiny enough in their own rights. But the spores they carry are miniscule in comparison (PLRV) virus.
The eggs of the aphids hatch,usually in early spring are already infected from the adults of last season, and so it is passed on.
As for a cure, I really don't know of one...I have cleared aphids with soapy water (spraying them)
With all these various types of problems, as with Blight, the only answer is to burn all halums and roots to destroy the viruses.
Others may know of some other cures, please let us all know.
Best I can offer, best of luck  

No purple colour yet, but this problem has only started in the last day or so.

On a brighter note, the rhubarb is well on its way now, could be a good crop this year.
Strawberry plants are now putting on good foliage.
At long last the asparagus is showing signs of life, little purple sprouts pocking their head through.
Finally the G/House is full, the french and runner beans are springing to life. Some further ahead than others.
All that needs to be done now is to get my finger out and prepare a lot more beds...better get on with it  

I need a climate engineer to switch off the gusty winds and then it would be the growing season. There are signs of life in that seedlings are appearing but the wind is holding everything back up here.

Spent many hours so far today, down in the G/House, dodging showers. Not heavy showers although we did have a fair ole hail shower and one that was so heavy, I got soaked but the ground stayed dry. Back into the G/H, quickly..
So while listening to the radio in the G/H I got on with potting up. Courgettes, tomatoes, pumpkins and squashes. Must say they are all coming on very nicely at the moment.
Anyhow a few bags of potting compost later, got on with the brassica's. So I'm sat there listening to the rain falling on the glass roof, potting on these tiny plantlets, couldn't help but think to myself, how tiny and fragile they were.
Yet in a couple of months time, all being well, they will be on my dinner plate.
Two- four tiny leaves now and the size of footballs (hopefully) in just a short few months....

Just a it down my garden....

Catch you later guess where I'm going back to.....  

We could desperately do with some gentle rain of the steady sort down the plot. The continuing gusty winds have been drying things out a treat.

But there is a faint sheen of green appearing for all that - khol rabi, salad turnips, beetroot, carrots, parsnips, rocket, salad leaves, spring onions .....

We have started taking plants from the greenhouse down the allotment. I have planted out the Bollotti beans and white  beans as they have been growing too well in the greehouse. I have fleeced around them so hopefully no nasty surprises. I am away again for two weeks so things are on hold. In the house veg plot things have started to sprout with salad stuff and turnips etc showing. I think I over planted tomato plants    as they all appear to have sprouted and are growing well. At least I have swapsies now  

Struggling, after a long day down the allotment area of the garden yesterday.
What at first seemed to be  straight forward digging over the next bed to plant out most of which is growing nicely in the G/House. Turned out to be bally hard work.
The previous owner of our home, had placed numerous small raised beds all over the place. They were mostly made of planks, most of which were well rotted, now removed and burnt. Compost removed and stored.

So down to marking out the beds and set about turning the soil over. Not as straight forward as I had hoped. The ground is so compact, full of roots, nettles and great chunks of concrete that once held fence posts.
Imagine bunging the spade into the soil....Boing...vibrating spade...more concrete..great fun....NOT...

In all honesty this would have been better dug over before last winter. Then covered with manure and left alone till needed. But hey ho hindsight and all that, plus time...

Its back to it today, hopefully finish the first bed, then re-dig it over to break up the heavy sods, use up the saved spent compost and rely on growmore for this season. With the hope and plans to manure it all over for next season.

I'd almost forgotten all the hard work that goes and went into ( many years back) developing an allotment area. Plus I was a lot younger then

Moan over, back to the grind stone...have a good day...  

Be of good cheer - you have not had to dig out a full Ford Prefect as legend runs on one allotment on my site. Neither - so far as you know - has the ground been treated with sodium chlorate to kill the weeds to the detriment of much future planting.

My allotment - the full 10 rod thing - isn't big enough! With peas planted out, seeds of khol rabi, beetroot and turnip sown, garlic and overwinter onions and shallots all growing the space left will take the pricked out brassicas, runner beans and climbing beans and maybe some of the dwarf beans. Hey ho - I'm over full looking at the stuff coming on in pots.  

Christine wrote:
- has the ground been treated with sodium chlorate to kill the weeds to the detriment of much future planting.

My way is to mark out the area, dig a row, break up the clods of soil, then down on hand and knees to remove as many roots and weeds as possible. then the next row and so on. Yes long and somewhat tedious, but it pays dividends in the end. Some odd bits of roots may escape, but quite easily dispatched during the growing season.

I've have been quite lucky for the past couple of weeks, able to pick up large bags of compost and farm manure for a 1.00 a bag. Which I'm liberally adding to the soil, to add structure. This should at least help until later this year when I will add plenty of manure.

Good to hear you've got going at last
Biggest thing I've ever had to dig out of the old allotment were a few sprung matreses and beds, that was bally hard work...but a car

Ah but I'm on a site with an "interesting history". And yes on another town site someone really did treat their soil with sodium chlorate to kill all the weeds and was then surprised when nothing grew.    Surely everywhere has folklore and true legends  

Today we had some rain and more is forecast with sun sometimes - and wind! so we are due to lose the nice warm temperatures that would encourage growth and weeds. Oh well.

But the broad beans and peas are certainly catching up with themselves so there is hope for the season yet. And seedlings are showing.

This weekend will be picking the first of rhe prizes for guessing what we will be having for Pud Sunday...... lip smackin'......

Rain has now stopped play....its that bally cloud again that the forecasters always place over my do they get it so spot on?

Managed to get another bed dug and turned over, roots, weeds and all removed. Placed temporary blocks around the edges, raised the soil so its nice and deep.
Was doing well until someone sent the rain over. Its coming from the west, which is Wales, can't think who I could possibly blame for that........

The hope was to get the last of the tatties in today. Yes I know a couple of months late, but hey I'm not going to waste them, better late than never. If I don't plant them, then they are wasted anyway.
Lets hope tomorrow will be kinder...

Time for a deep soak I'm thinking....

We have our last to plant yet diggers   hoping end of week   i'm hoping we won't lose to blight this year    rhubarb on the other hand has gone wild....loooaaads of it

Everything is planted out except the beans which are still sprouting in trays under fleece, pak choi putting on roots in pots, the leeks which will follow the peas and the courgettes which are at home in the warm but .... the weather has turned March as in chilly, wet and breezy. So growth has ground to a halt.

Got to agree, the weather is certainly holding things back at the moment. We can only play catch up at present.
So far this morning it has proverbially hissed it down.
There lies my problem at the moment, got to dig over and prepare new beds, with all the problems aforementioned,weeds, roots and now claggy soil.
Spend most of my time scraping my boots off, don't they get so bally heavy?

Ladyslip, yes that's my fear also, planting spuds so late, more wet weather could equal blight. Hopefully and we can but hope, dare I say 'a longish hot summer'.......Certainly I would be happy enough to water them as and when.

Have a good day reguardless of the prob's its all part of the ' Fun'  

Wednesday, finally got the third bed finished and planted most of the well chitted potatoes.
Yesterday, Thursday, the weather held off, no rain, which gave me a really good day down the plot area. Managed to transplant dozens of primulas, which now reside under the apple trees, with all the daffodils planted last year. The daff's gave a brilliant show earlier on this year, so adding all the prim's will hopefully give an even better display next year.
Transplanted 24 Lollo Rosso lettuce and put a cloche over them, sown the next lot in the G/H to follow on with.
Almost completed a fourth bed, the old back gave up in the end, just a couple of rows to double dig today. Rake it over and it will be rady for a few brassicas.
Lots of other minor tasks completed in between just digging, I can't just dig and dig all day, need to take breaks away from it occasionally.
A long day, but very rewarding to look back at whats been achieved.
Lets hope the weather is as kindly today.

aaagh i cant get my runners to germinate. New seed, new compost and one plant out of 20....any ideas????

Ha.....I've made a start at last.....late i know but ever optimistic.....toms...cherry...slicing...stuffer & plum.......french beans....runner beans.....gherkins.....ball and reg beets....radish....salad.....pak choi......spring onion(which i usually fail spectacularly with   ) rocket......cucumber and swede.....oh......and carrots     If it stays fine i want to get Slipster to plant the maincrop tatties and a row of parsnips  

Lizzie, your not alone, sown 8 varieties so far, usually in batches of 24, very hit and sometimes complete miss.
All I can do or suggest is keep on sowing.

Over the years I've always sown my beans from mid April on, so they are good and strong come the end of May and ready to plant out. Perhaps they are poor seed this year, after last seasons weather fiasco.
To be honest nothing seems to be growing as well as in the past.
Best of luck anyhow....

Would you want to grow in the weather as it has been this month? It's confusion weather.

The leeks sown weeks if not months back are the spindliest I've ever know, may have to sow some more.

On the plus side the Charlotte potatoes planted at least a month late are now beginning to poke their heads through. Earthed them up when they were sown, why do they always poke their heads out the lowest point of the earthing up mound? Silly beggers, don't they realise I'm going to re-earth and cover them up again......
Grandma Bodger

Ive got trouble with peas, Jake put me a row in at least 4 ago not a sign of them being an impatient devil I decided to investigate this morning raked over where they were suppose to be so have put another lot in also have planted another row. what do you think had them,did have a fancy windmill to keep the birds off  

Can't say exactly why this has happened.
One tip I can offer is after prepping the bed, rake it over so you have a slight dip/tunnel about an inch or so deep , the width of the rake.. Grab a watering can and soak the soil before sowing, soak the ground well.
Scatter the pea seed into the dip liberally, cover with loose excess soil or even spare compost. Water well again, soak them. Net over if need be, pigeons ect will find them quicker than you can sow them.
Leave them be, just keep them well watered, never let them totally dry out.
Can't guarantee this method every time, but it has certainly work for me for many a year..
Best of luck

Yesterday I had to pull out the fleece again as the overnight forecast was for a wind chill factor that took things into minus degrees. This morning it's blowing a good one and not very warm at all.

Tis a merry month of May - jobbing gardener from flat upstairs says that his round is as poor as it was last year in the rainy summer as nothing is thriving.

OOOH! yes been in and out the garden all morning, back in now for a Hot drink....basically done nowt but shiver....

Even in the G/H things are so  slow, nothing seems to want to come out to play...who can blame 'em...

Well today has been glorious so I started in the house garden this morning at 6am tidying up and planting out beans and sowing next lot of salad stuff. Then went down the allotment to carry on with planting out there.
Just some finishing off tommorrow before the weather changes again.

Its been a long but beautiful weekend in the garden, the weather has been glorious.
I say long because I'm now slowly but surely building the area to stand my poly tunnel.
This is on the embankment side of the plot, using blocks,digging out footings and building walls to contain the banked soil, thats to be yet dug down.
So to tier the garden giving more flat beds for growing in. Well thats the plan  

At last for Sunday lunch we sampled our first crop of rhubarb, bally good it was too.
Don't think we will be sampling the asparagus this season, looking very spindly, may have to let it go to seed.
As for the courgettes, pumpkins, squashes ect, hoping I can get them out into the garden, eer! end of this month, maybe the beginning of June.
Hopefully using the parts of the embankment, which I know will not be used or developed for a good while yet.

All in all a good weekend, so how have you fared fellow gardeners?

Ps . spuds are coming along nicely

From fleece, wind and torrential rain to blazing sunshine and seasonal temperatures over the weekend.

Bank Holiday Monday broke the weather, sudden drop in temperature and overcast with spits of rain in the breeze (we were promised proper rain which didn't happen).

Any old how, peas seem happy enough and are shooting away, cabbage, sprouts, cauliflower and broad beans coping now that the blue pellets of death are sprinkled liberally. First signs of beetroot and fennel coming through (along with weeds but when things are small you can't weed can you?). Carrots, parsnips, salad crops, chard, herbs would all do better for a continuous supply of normal temperatures for the time of the year.

The runner beans are hardening off nicely, also the yin yang beans but dwarf and french beans are sulking.

Glad that I'm not doing landscaping works Digindeep.

Christine wrote:

Glad that I'm not doing landscaping works Digindeep.

If only....your not the only I wish it was all over and done with....just simple planting out and wishing for all the basic problems of slugs, weeds and watering....ect ect ect............Happy days...  

At long last, after planting out the spuds over a month late, they are now coming into flower.It almost seems like years since we last had fresh potatoes direct from the soil.
The poly tunnel is now up and planted out, even managed to put in new raised beds.
Not having had or used a poly before, its a case of suck and see, a whole new learning curve for me.
Boy does it get hot and humid in there,even on cooler days.
What I've planted in there certainly seems to be liking the atmosphere inside.
Toms, peppers, cukes and courgettes all seem to be flourishing.
Managed to put up a few bean poles, not as many as in the past, runners we're very poor starters this year, only about 25% taking at best.
Leeks, well they are still looking more like thin grass at the moment. Will have to try feeding them some extra grub, you never know- maybe
Ah! well suppose I had better get on with laying more blocks to keep me busy and stop me wondering and thinking of how it should be......
Happy days,   ...hows it going for you so far?

HsO gardening here But about to start building new raised beds for next spring  

What materials are you using , Sod ?

I'm as already said, am building beds, blocks to support the embanked side of the plot. Because of time, labour, I'm now considering using heavy timber for the main beds. If that makes sense   .

And having moved, I've added a moss filled space that is allegedly a lawn at home to the allotment works. It was a couple of feet high, not having been cut since start of October last year. To all accounts, before that it was cut weekly to within a shaving of it's life whether or not it needed cutting. Have a suspicion that the garden has a compaction problem as well.

In fact I think you could write half the Dr Hessayon lawn care book using this garden as a case study.

Of course the allotment has rioted with the diversions of a house move.

I'm sure you are more than upto the new challenge Christine, hope your move went well and are now settling in... photo please  

Back garden is coming along well now that we can plant out. The only problem we have is that the grandchildren have a tendency to let the chooks out    
It was panick stations at the cry 'hens out'. OH dashed downstairs to round them up (grandchildren laughing at the sight) and securing the gate even higher this time    Only damage was the kale plants that were scraped out and half the lettuce eaten  
Allotments are doing well with the strawberrie just about ready to pick for strawberry jam, turnips harvested and more rows in, potatoes doing well and the harvest so far is good. Soft fruit section seems to be full to bursting and even the squash are doing well this year    Now we just need the weather to turn to sun on sunday so that we can have a bbq down the allotments with some fellow lottie holders  

Sounds like "The house of fun"  

Just when your own have flown the nest, along comes the Grandkids..

The two lads were here last evening, straight out into the garden, footballs flying ever where....

Dd we are using a large tractor tyre   that didn't know what to do with and as you heavy timber, 4" thick slabsoff the old mill  and a planter bin thing we saved from burning will get some photos before we start

Well......for my first gardening year in this location, adventure is definitely the best description!

Summer weather for 2 months, freezes for the next 4 weeks (took all my bean, onion and garlic tops)....then the rains hit, which were wonderful!

And then other evening I'm out putting the "lawn mowing calf away" and checking the sprinklers when my eyes behold...a Deer! the mysterious events are now solved (ie~strawberry plants unearthed and leaves gone, a chunk of garlic gone, chunk of hollyhocks gone and missing leaves off my fruit trees....*sigh*)

Yep.....definitely a new adventure!

Rena wrote:
Well......for my first gardening year in this location, adventure is definitely the best description!

Summer weather for 2 months, freezes for the next 4 weeks (took all my bean, onion and garlic tops)....then the rains hit, which were wonderful!

And then other evening I'm out putting the "lawn mowing calf away" and checking the sprinklers when my eyes behold...a Deer! the mysterious events are now solved (ie~strawberry plants unearthed and leaves gone, a chunk of garlic gone, chunk of hollyhocks gone and missing leaves off my fruit trees....*sigh*)

Yep.....definitely a new adventure!

scared to say but what next can happen    

sod wrote:
scared to say but what next can happen long as whatever it is doesn't include a certain roaming neighbourhood *Black Bear*   ! ....I should be able to handle it!   ... I hope! *insert nervous laugh*

Well! "This Season 2013 ", has certainly been an adventure for some of you. Sorta puts my minor problems into perspective and makes them rather tiny in comparison.
Magpies,squirrels and pigeons seems so very minor, compared to Bears and Deer roaming around the garden....thankfully....    

I once had a question from someone asking about fencing for pigs so I went into length about a combination of stock fence and electric to keep them in. A short while later they replied they weren't so much bothered about keeping them in as the bears out, they were in Canada  
As you say it puts our problems into perspective.

So very true, my mate had to go sort some pigs out for a family. Same thing wild ones coming in boy they taste nice  

First real crops coming now. So far have had...
Charlotte potatoes from the greenhouse
Tomatoes from the conservatory
spring cabbage
little gem lettuce
salad leaves,herbs and rocket.

Nearly ready are the broad beans.
Really pleased after the appalling start to the season, love Lizzie

That's what I love to hear, good news, so pleased all is going so well.    brilliant  

Just a few days ago noted peppers growing, cucumber blossoms open, peppermint and spearmint taking off well, and tomatoes are growing nicely too! So thankful for the greenhouse!!

I'm trying to see if I can 'arrange it' where those plants can just grow inside....not sure though. The gh is about 6' x 6' and about 7' (at lowest point) graded up to 9 feet in height.....will have to ponder quickly....they're growing fast!
David Smith

Things are beginning to catch up...
Best wishes

they look yummy

We started picking the strawberries Sunday so I have been making strawberry as well as strawberry and rhubarb jam. Plenty for us (2 jars a month) and the orders from the family    Tried to pick as many as possible as I am down south again for two weeks. OH under orders to put rest of crop in freezer for later in year when I will make ice cream and trifles. He is under orders not to eat too many!!!!!!!!!!
Greenhouse and polytunnel looking good with peppers, toms, melons and cucumbers growing well. I am also trying tomotillos for the first time. They are used in mexican cooking and I have a load of Tex Mex recipes. We had so many tomato plants that we have done some vertical gardening and hanging baskets filled with cherry toms. Keeping my fingers crossed that nothing too bad happens before I am back in two weeks so that I can pick and preserve as much as possible. It looks like this year (touch wood) we will be self sufficient in veg using seasonal veg and bottling and freezing as much as poss  

Yep strawberries and salad stuff doing well. Looks to be good for raspberries too.

Strwberrys are really good for me this year , i picked over 5lb's last night , and if it stays nice over the weekend  ??? loads and loads of them will ready next week. i had some snowball turnips and wee carrots this week as well , maybe needing another 7/10 days but why wait untill you are snowed under with them  plus i like them small and tender they seem to have a more distinct flavour .

Rub it in...Rub it in....mine are still bally Green....


We have been eating strawbs for the last two weeks very nice too

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