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This morning

This morning we'll be moving some of the pigs to higher ground. Its rained heavily here for the last two days and with no respite forecast until tonight, Matt and Milly will have to vacate their accommodation. Last night, when I fed the poor beggars, their run in particular, had become a sea of mud.
Milly will have to be ushered into a fresh run, while Matty the boar, who still isn't trained to electric fences, will have to be walked to the farmyard and into a pig sty.
Living here in North Wales, I know that we should be used to rain but this summer has been a really shitty one. Yesterday, in between venturing outside to sell the occasional flagon of cider to nigh on drowned drinkers, I watched the cricket on the 'telly'. Down at the Surrey Oval, they had sweltering weather of 32 degrees, while at the same time, I was struggling to hear myself think because of the sound of constant rain on the conservatory roof. Its just not fair!
Its still torrential as I type. Help !    

While I might be feeling a tad sorry for myself and the pigs, its the thousands of washed out holiday makers I really feel for!
chicken feed

On the other hand it was a scorcher here yesterday, whilst nice if you could get in the shade way way too hot to do much work. Did manage to get the lawns cut and some weeding done before retreating into our nice cool house. The pigs are only interested in resting up in the heat too they decided to leave their evening meal until the sun went down…..not that the heat dropped a great deal.It looks like another day of the same today.
Rick & Carol

It's much the same here in West Wales this week, still got quite a bit done by careful monitoring of the forecast & working round it. Mind you when it brightened yesterday afternoon  it looked like an army surplus store outside the bootroom with jackets & trousers drying out.

The pigs are wallowing & of course the worst bit is by the gate. I might make up a climbing step thingy to go over the fence over the winter.

My weekend like John's is centred on the TV - Belgian GP for me & yes it's honking down as I type this - muggy & wearing shorts but captive indoors - could be worse I could be in a rent

Been a bit like the curate's egg here, to be honest. July was a total wash out, literally, but the occasional nice day, and no day non stop rain, recently has made a tremendous improvement in managing to get things done outside.
I was beyond fed up of the mud in July, I really was.
Sympathies Bodger, at least I don't have pigs trying to live in that too.


We could soon fix you up with some Toddy.

Phew ! Manoeuvres went like clockwork. Milly into her new paddock dead simple and Matty walked the three hundred yards through the orchard and into the sty as good as gold. I tell you one thing though, something needs to be done about the eyesight of the GOS's. Matty was as cool as a cucumber but as soon as he got into the sty, I watched him walking into the walls. Not in a panic or anything like that but simply because he couldn't see them.

One often wonders why one can never find a piece of straw to stick in ones gob when one is looking over ones gate.

Matt and Milly were in here.

Milly set too munching grass for all she was worth as soon as she got into her new pen.

Gladys would recommend it to anyone.


We had about four hours of rain and thunder and lightning yesterday afternoon

Horace you escaped lightly. Yesterday I was sitting down to a lovely dinner when some bastard called Noah knocked on the door to borrow some wood and nails. Its awful and the rains getting heavy again as I speak.
Rick & Carol

my flippin' workshop has leaked yet again & thus after I coated it with bitumen in the spring - at least it's only a little trickle down one wall. Thank goodness the drainage I sorted out 3 years ago was done!!

bodger wrote:
Horace you escaped lightly. Yesterday I was sitting down to a lovely dinner when some bastard called Noah knocked on the door to borrow some wood and nails. Its awful and the rains getting heavy again as I speak.
Same here in Pembrokeshire 5th day of rain  

You moaning lot should move over here to Northumberland where we've had a very dry year indeed - you've been keeping our water methinks.

Here it is still winter till end of month but     days with odd wet day or night   showers forecast for tomorrow but then was for yesterday and to-day but just     Grass is growing well has hardly stopped here not like down south with their     snow  

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