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This months competition topic??

hi, any news on what this onths comp topic will be??

one idea, take 'over the gate' - each letter represents either flora or forna and you must photograph each one and submit [small size]

O - owl
V - vanda
E - ewe
R - rat



Now that is some concept, and has my vote and full support.

thats 11 pics in all and might be a tall order for most in a month, how about you can enter just one pic if you like and its the best over all pic that wins, you can only enter a maximum of one pic for each letter so anything from 1 pic to 11 and the best pic is the winner, we can still put together the full 'over the gate' picture gallery but it might be made up of 11 different people.
it would also give us 11 of the 12 pics we need for the 2010 OTG calender lol

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