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This is what life is all about

've just had an email from a relative of mine who lives and works on Mersea island, last time we met he'd been talking about the herring they get round there and I mentioned to him about smoking them and he was really interested in how o do it.  Anyway, I sent him some info and here's an excerpt from his reply:

One of the local professional fishermen is keen to get involved. Last October we went out one evening at dusk, and with few nets drifting for half an hour, we ended up with 3 stone of herring. We went out at 4, shot the nets at 4-30, hauled them at 5, back to the mooring at 5-30, shook out the nets and in the pub by 6. There the pub chef cooked us a  couple of herring each after we gave her a bucket full of fish for her Friday lunch menu.
Could be bloaters on the menu this year.

Now to me, that's just what the good life is all about...
Big Phil

Happy days.
I used to go out of Whitby with the nets for Salmon and Sea Trout on me friends Dads' boat. Those times have passed now.

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