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This is going to be fun.

In a few minutes we're going to try and move a sow and nine piglets from their sty, a hundred yards across open fields into their new home in an ark and behind electric fencing. Wish us luck, we'll need it.

Take the piglets the parent will follow. Been there, had the fun.

Best of british
Rick & Carol

shame you're not closer, just the sort of challenge I'd relish

We decided that discretion was better than valour and loaded the piglets into an open top trailer. We drove them to their new home and then walked their mum Gladys across to them.

We're still getting a few squeaks from them as they continue to test the electric fencing.  

But mum and kids seem to be settling nicely into their new home.

There will be yet more piggy manoeuvred next weekend, when we wean both litters.

Nice looking piglets

They're looking pretty good Phil and I'm thinking that I might even like to show a couple at the Anglesey Show.

You had better get training them

They're training me.  

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