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thinking of worming

hi all just looking into worming my pup whippet pup just gone 9 mths old 10 ish kgs. My terriers are on avocate from vets pet plan. now pup is not on a plan so im wondering if theres any wormers recomended by you peoples and where its supplied from? cheers in advance matty


My dogs have always had Drontal, and I think you can buy it from Pets at Home, or maybe over the internet.


For Oz, we use a twin wormer from our local (independent) Pet shop which costs just under 3 to dose him for 3 months.

I stopped buying the bulk packs of Johnson twin wormer about 2 years ago............... I accidental took them for almost week thinking they were the pain killers prescribed to me for my broken collar bone and concussion sustained playing bicycle Polo (and that's why I decided to have another eye test and new glasses)............ but Lois said it stopped me dragging my arse across the carpet.

Oh Gareth............ I haven't laughed so much in ages!! Thank you!      

Stunner Gareth!    

Drontal here

Tee hee! I've always used Drontal for all our dogs. Worth checking out online pet pharmacies, as they often have deals on wormers & flea treatments.

I've used these - all good and efficient.


I always use panacur, it's a liquid wormer, easy to give them with food.
get mine off Amazon.

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