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Thinking of getting started for the new season

Luckily most of the allotment digging was done before Noah's floods came. Still very wet on the ground.

With the latest round of wind, sudden cold and threats of snow I'm putting off starting things like onion seedlings indoors. Suppose there will be no harm in starting off the peppers in the next couple of weeks.

Thing is that the weather is stopping getting the new greenhouse in the back garden erected.

So what are the rest of you thinking of doing in gardens, on allotments?

Overvthe last few weeks Me and  the toddler have weeded the beds in the garden cos he wants to plant and grow some things this year, they are about a meter square and I have 5 of them so I have to think about what's going to go in althoigh I'm tempted to try the 3 Indian thing but using sunflowers instead of corn.
I would love to grow cucumbers as they are his favourite and I like the odd chilli but other than that I'm lookikgvfor inspiration.

Much too wet to do anything much here.

I will be sowing my chilli seeds in early Feb though.

I'd need lead weight boots to work on the plots in this wind even though it is drying up a bit.

Jut toooooo wet here for doing anything, though the snowdrops are wonderful
Rick & Carol

plan is to rotorvate veg plot later this month & dig in first lot of muck for the spuds & onions. I've made a start my neighbour bought a few tons of muck over last week, at least I've got a good muck pile. My garlics been in a couple of months already & coming up nicely.

Toooooo flaming hot in day time here 35deg to-day all we do is water and water then water to try keep things alive.

There are peppers and chillis in pots on the window ledge since this morning. It's a start.  

Oooooooooooh I'm out of practice with the hard work. Spent a long time clearing a very small patch of gone over green manure that should have been dug in before the rains started in November.

Weather hasn't stopped the dandelion seeds or the creeping buttercups that infest the clearing project allotment!

I'm thinking of grafting a few apple trees after Easter, but I need some advice and information, so I planted a query in the 'How to' section..

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