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They say less is more.

Well you might think a post with 73 photos is a bit much, but considering i took 661 it is significantly less than it could have been

Please forgive the poor quality, the old camera is well overdue a service.

One of the things i love the most about ratting is watch men turn into little boys again!

I'm not saying a word about this pic

Keepa is not daft cuddling up to the gamekeeper of the estate.

Plenty of tracks.

It has only taken 3 seasons ratting for Boo to finally decide he would have a go

Fair enough he only caught any rats which actually ran towards him, but catch and kill he did
And as per usual, he spent the rest of the time trying to hump poor Keepa everytime she was busy

The best of the rest.

No end of shot photo as the rats were needed as bird food.

But one taken in his garage before freezing....118 rats.


Really wicked pics there     looked like a few BIG uns there too.
You are a very lucky man to have it like that  
I need to find some ratting soon  

Great series of pic's.  

Brilliant that you took so much time to post those pics!  

Looks like those dogs earn their crust, that's for sure. We've no ratpacks locally, so this is something I've yet to try on an organised basis.

Smashing pics  

Great pics i liked the one of the rat peeping out of the hole at the side of the dog  

Great photos as others have said we dont have ratting here like that Thanks

great pics  wish i could get my jrt to be into rats just nowhere around to go

Thank you for sharing Molly. Great pics, a good day had by all methinks.



Superb set of photographs

A quick question about ratting with dogs: Do the dogs require any special inoculations?
chicken feed

 looks like a good day allround


Molly you still know how to take a photo gal, I hope you are well.

All the pack are still looking well



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