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They're back !

Karen and I went for a walk at four this afternoon with the dog on the coastal path above Porthdinllaen near to our home and there, we saw at least a dozen Sand Martins flitting about above the sandy cliffs  tops. They definitely weren't there earlier in the week, so spring is definitely here.
We also saw some Bluebells in full bloom, admittedly they looked as though they had quite a bit of The Spanish Bluebell influence but our nearly discoveries made up for the solid days heavy rain that we've endured today.

And our beautiful lady osprey is back. Just waiting for her mate to arrive now.
Dave C

We are well behind you.

Only just seen the first bat out this evening.
But we still getting frosts on a night and exactly 1 week ago we had 4" of snow.

Ospreys are back in Cumbria too.

We've been seeing bats for a couple of weeks now.

I'm waiting for the Swallows, they give my spirits such a lift when I see them back, and this year I have a House Martin nest box up under the eaves hoping I can tempt some to nest here.  

First bat for us last night....spring must be springing!  

I nearly forgot to say that I saw my first swallows yesterday.  

bodger wrote:
I nearly forgot to say that I saw my first swallows yesterday.  

Cool they'll be with us soon then, saw a bat last night, got home from work at about 7pm and sat in the garden with a glass of wine then straight away a little chubby bat flew right in front of me.  

The swallows are back in our barn today, just 2 for the moment

Two Swallows here yesterday  

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