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Therer are some Lousy barstewards about !

This makes my blood boil !

Mindless barstewards !  

And folks who shoot wonder why others want restrictions.

There are some incredibly pathetic people around. Shooting a crane ? why? they didn't even take it for their dinner, just shot it because they could.
Is it evil to hope that someone gets them with a load of buckshot ?


Toddy wrote:
And folks who shoot wonder why others want restrictions.


Where does it state in the article that "shooting" folk have shot the crane?

Your comment sounds very much like it comes from an anti shooting person.

That's what you took from my response ????  

Any idiotic shooting makes folks wonder just why guns are so available.

And no, I am not anti-shooting, but I am most definitely anti numpties with guns.

There's a huge difference.


Yes......shooting a crane is a despicable act, and the person on the another end of that shotgun deserves to be punished harshly, there is no  justification for such an act, that we can agree on, its your wording I have a problem with, quote: folks who shoot unquote  suggests its law abiding shooting folk that have shot this crane.

By shooting folk I refer to people that have taken the time to go though the riggers of obtaining a firearms certificate. (ask  caz)

Yob's with a few cans of lager in them, that have purchased a firearm illegally are NOT shooting folk, they are morons.

I'm not sure if you know what a firearms certificate requires, what people that hold them have to go though to get it, and what they stand to miss if they misuse their firearms,  but any yob can purchase a firearm of any type in their local pub, street corner or where ever, thereafter go out and shoot a crane.

Adding extra restrictions on firearms certificate requirements will still not stop your yobs purchasing firearms illegally, that has been proved time and time again.

Oh....and forget the rolling eyes next time, it doesn't suit you.

Your responses say exactly what my comment was about.

Rolling eyes ? I was politely exhibiting my feelings about your intemperate response.

As I said, folks who shoot wonder why others want restrictions. Angry ranting does their cause no favours.

I have friends who shoot, friends who regularly keep down vermin and feed the pot. I do understand the hoops they have to jump through to keep their licences.

As I said, I am not anti shooting, I am anti numpties with guns. Legal or otherwise.


Wrong again Mary ....I'm very calm and can't see where my response is intemperate, I asked you a question, which as yet you have not answered,
..................but if that's what you read into it, ok.  

Again ?  

"Shooting folk"s weren't mentioned in the article, but a shot crane most certainly was.

My comment was simply that; a comment about the response (as you so ably showed) of those who did shoot.

Conflation doesn't suit the tone of the forum Mr Border…..but then I rolled my eyeballs (well, the little smilie did it for me) at your response.

On that note though, and I quote, "Your comment sounds very much like it comes from an anti shooting person."
Supposing I was an 'anti shooting person'. It's not a crime to hold an opinion of such, it's pretty normal really, especially in the UK. More folks don't shoot than do, and percentage wise it's a fraction of the population that hold licences.

Back to the shot crane though;

This is a crime and the police are now involved. The RSPB have offered a financial reward too.
Wonder if the perpetrator will be caught or not. Be interesting if the blighter is caught and if he's a legally permitted shooter or not, now.


That's it then more conflation    

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