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There's gold in them there hills.

Having nothing better to do, yesterday saw us ripping the carpet up in one of our crogloft bedrooms. Beneath the underlay we found some beautiful golden coloured pine floorboards. With a bit of TLC they are going to look fabulous.
By our standards we have what we think are some quite innovative plans for this room. We intend turning it from an area of the house thats  hardly used into a pleasant living rooms with stunning views of the mountains. Over the next few months, we'll be doing all sorts to it, from installing a big veluxe window to rebuilding the staircase and lots of other things inbetween.
Stick with us on this project as it progresses, mainly because we're going to need lots of help and advice on the way.
The first teetering step is going to be hiring an industrial sized sander and then applying some woodworm treatment.
I've started, so I'll finish.

I'm looking forward to *seeing* how the work progresses! *hint, hint*

The sanding might and I say might be tomorrow night.

I'll get Kaz to put a " before we've started" picture on when she gets back from work

bodger wrote:
I'll get Kaz to put a " before we've started" picture on when she gets back from work

Nice! I'll be able to see it first thing in the morning then!

Fun things, those big sanders - if they still work the same way. I remember ripped 'sandpaper' from snaggy bits. And of course the collecting bag has to come off at least once during sanding - it's the law ;)
Have fun!
Your project sounds wonderful and well worth all the effort for the views.

You must make sure there are no nails sticking up before you start sanding  

Horace is right! You need to go around the boards & make absolutely certain each brad is knocked into the wood at least 3mm or so..................otherwise you'll just shred any belt you put over them  

I'm sure you already know that though! Looking forward to seeing how it progresses  

With the carpet up bodger, how are ypu going to keep draughts down if there are any gaps between the boards?  Might be worth taking some preventative action before you start the sanding - if ther are any gap, obviously.

Its only a very small room but when everything is completed as we want it, then its going to be a very pleasant and comfortable place to be.

Meet Hetty.

When everything up stairs has been completed, the partition at the side of the stairs will be removed which will effectively open the room up to the downstairs kitchen area.

We are going to fit as long a Veluxe as possible between these beams.


Oh lucky you, i would lovely to do something like that but havent the space. I also love the before, during and after photos, so keep 'em coming


What a great space - can't wait to see it 'unfold'  

Blind Pugh and myself got stuck into the job today.

My next job will be to get down on my hands and knees with the hand sander to get to the bits that the industrial one couldn't reach.

Looking good progress already Bodger & Kaz (and helpers).  Nice job  

They're coming along beautifully! Lovely colour  

Are you going to laquer them? Or apply a few wax coats?  

I'm thinking wax

Our eldest lad is going to build us some cupboards from the bottom purling down in the low eaves.

Those are nice old floor boards - pitch pine?

They're twice the width of the modern stuff, get some wax on them and they'll look great  

The veluxe window is going to be picked up on Friday.

Good choice of window mate.

You will be able to sit up there drinking a Danish beer and looking though a Danish window.

Brilliant! lucky you finding them under the carpet - look forward to the progress  

The Veluxe goes in today. Hawkeye will be around later this morning to fit the biggest window possible that would fit between the beams of the roof.

Now you don't see it, now you do.

As well as giving us a room with a view, this new window will also give me an excellent vantage point to shoot the numerous rabbits that visit our garden.

bodger wrote:
an excellent vantage point to shoot the numerous rabbits that visit

Now that's a reason to have it installed in itself  

Cracking job they've done!

Thats me holding the slates, showing my harris and pretending to be directing operations.  Hawkeye really knows his stuff, he finished just in time for a dinner of home made faggots

thankyou kind sir

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