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Ther might be light !

There might be light at the end off tunnel for some poultry keepers. If I've read this DEFRA release correctly, then I'm not in a high risk zone for avian flu and with a few modifications to my system, then I should be able to let my chickens out on the 28thof this month.

Have a read of this and see what you think. How are the new restrictions likely to affect you in the area that you live in ?
Dave C

Well at the moment it looks like we will be OK as well  

My only slight concern is the "make the area unattractive to wild birds" statement!

We have spent the last 15 years making it as bird friendly as possible with hedging, trees, nest boxes and feeders all over.  

I have wildbird feeders and baths in the garden which are only about 30' away from the chicken pens.
Might have to re think that!

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