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Yorkshire Geordie

Then and now

Have you looked after your canine friend for long?

My Biscuit found us after spending some days as stray in Co. Durham in October 2007.

I took a picture of her on 23rd October 2007 and use it as my avatar.


One of the latest pictures I took was taken on 2nd August 2015.
She has grown a little and is a lot more mature.


She's still very fiesty but loves her food and loves her walks on the Devon lanes - a far cry from her Geordie birth county.


Looked very worried/scared first photo. Looks so happy and content in second  

Sod says it

Wee frightened pup, and a very contented, confident and happy looking adult.

Night and day


I love a happy ending   She's beautiful.

There are so many poor little strays out there......

I bet that she is glad that she found you.  

Others have said it - she looks so content now  

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