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The Year You was BORN

...Lack of work...Blah de blah to thinking the other in my life....
Such as Man on the Moon, Nelson Mandella...eer! Elvis, John Lennon..
JFK.....Martin Luther King...all events within my life so far.....
But what happened in the year I was born.....
So I've looked up a couple...( for the real investigators among'st you ...well you will know the year of my birth)
Here goes a few facts.....

Top selling Movie..Irving Berlins..Easter Parade..Staring..Judy Garland and Fred Astaire...
Acadamy Award ....Best Movie......Hamlet
............................Best Actor......Laurence Olivier
............................Best actress...Belinda McDonald in Johnny Belinda
............................Best Director..John Huston for 'The Treasure of Sierra Madre'..

Mahatma Ghandi began his "fast- unto - death" to stop communial Violence in Delhi....during the " Partition of India"..
Scientists..Ralp Alpher and George Gamow...published the "Apha- Betha -Gamow" paper about the Big Bang.....!
The World Health Organisation was formed by NATO....

In Physics a Patrick Maynard Stuart Blackett published papers on
"The Wilson Cloud Effect"...later to become the " Bomb "....

on a lighter note to end this.. T.S. Elliot won the Nobel prize for Literature.

Do you know what events happened in the year of Your birth?....

We all remember things / events that have happened within our life time  

OH...a Guy by the name of Art Mooney was number one in the US pop
Charts with ......
I'm looking under a four leaf clover,
that I overlooked before,
One leaf is sunshine, the other is rain,
The third is roses that grow in the lane.

No need explaining, the one thats remaining,
Is the one I adore..
I'm looking under a fo u r le a f c lover
that I o v er  lo  oooo ked  be fooore...........          

I share my birth year with

Toyah Willcox, Jennifer Saunders, Kate Bush,

and a few facts

Yearly Inflation Rate 2.7%

Prime Minister Harold Macmillan

Park Drive cost 1s 3d for a packet of 10.

Opening of the London Planetarium,

Donald Campbell sets the world water speed record at 248.62 mph

Graham Greene's novel Our Man in Havana.

7 members of Man United killed in plane crash at Munich airport

The first parking meters were introduced in London and first 'no parking' yellow lines started appearing on roads

London - Racial riots in London

Britain and Iceland star war over cod


George VI was king
Clem Attlee PM
The coal industry was nationalised
Princess Elizabeth married Philip Mountbatten
Pakistan and India gained independence

David Bowie, Elton John, Brian May, Willy Russell, and Emlyn Hughes were also born that year

and er......

we had a bdooly cold winter apparently!

7 members of Man United killed in plane crash at Munich airport

1958 then Border.

Diggers would be 1913.

I would never discuss Seabirds age. It's just not done.  

Spot on Bazzer.

So what was going on in the year of your birth Bazzer, can you remember Clem Attlee as PM.  

Pitt the Younger actually mate.

London Olympics off the top of my head.
Share the day/month with Frankie Vaughan.  

Bazzer wrote:
Pitt the Younger actually mate.  

In that case congratulations on receiving TWO letters from the queen.

Must admit, Vicky had a fairer hand. Liz aint too bad, takes after her mum.

south africa withdrew from the commonwealth.
the german democratic republic closed its borders on the east and west sectors of berlin.
castro declaires cuba was going to adopt communism.
kuwait declared independence from the uk.
and i was born

1960 ?

Bazzer wrote:
1960 ?


Trying to play this in the right spirit and not Googling.

Not late 50's so 63/4?
Green Rosie

Cigarette ads were banned on UK tv
The Beatles movie "Help" was released
Roy Emerson and Margaret Smith won at Wimbledon
This year was named the International Year of Cooperation

And I was born  

I was almost certainly conceived on VE night!  
The year I was born they hung Lord Haw Haw!
Churchill coined the phrase ‘iron curtain’
Cher and Georgie Best were born!

Stanley......memory fadin' ect....but you have just remined me....
Al Gore, Alice Cooper and James Taylor....same day year ect....Thanks..    as if I realy care!!  

1946 then Stanley.

Rosie, 1965?

Please note this is not me this I am doing on behalf of Polidori at his bequest:

Mount St. Helens erupts in Washington killing 57.
Ronald Reagan is nominated to run for President at the Republican National Convention
Ford releases the Ford Escort Mk3
John Lennon killed outside his New York apartment
Thomson Corporation announces The Times and all supplements will cease unless a buyer is found
Record number of viewers tune into Dallas to found out who really shot J.R. Ewing
NASA probe Voyager flies within 77,000 miles of Saturn cloud tops and sends first high-res images back to scientists on Earth.
Lawrence Klein is awarded the Bank of Sweden Prize in Economic Sciences in Memory of Alfred Nobel.

John Lennon................1980...
can even remember the Pub I was sat in ....Lunch time..

and now me...

I am leaving the obvious clue till last!

Mother Theresa wins the Nobel Peace Prize
Gracie Fields dies in September
Khomeini seizes power in Iran
10 Miners die in a methane explosion in a mine in Lancashire
Pope John Paul II visits his homeland of Poland becoming first pope in history to visit a communist country
John Spenkelink is executed by the first use of the Electric Chair since the re-introduction of the death penalty in America
First nudist beach in Britain established in Brighton
One Child policy established in China
Conservatives return to power led by Margaret Thatcher

Easy that one 1979.
Good ol' Maggie.

yeah but did you get it before the easy clue Bazzer?

its become a ..real many of you's  'add actually fought about
it before???...
To me !! eerm....the begin'??...Elvis Aug 77......!17th...seems to ring a "bell"....keepin'  finkin'    

Not being a member of "Our Gracies" Fan Club. No I didn't Excretia.
As for Mother Teresa, nude on Brighton Beach being spied on by the Pope whilst sitting on an electric chair.
Don't fink so t'Chucky.
Green Rosie

Bazzer wrote:

Rosie, 1965?


Bazzer isn't allowed to guess this one cos he knows already!

Saddam Hussein became president of Iraq
Debut of the Garfield Comic strip
Sony introduces the Walkman
Rhodesia became Zimbabwe

Umm... I'll leave it at that.  The single that was number one on the day i was born was a really really cool one though!  

Polidori and I are guessing late 70's. I'm going to take a punt and say 78?

I think its 1979, the year I left the UK.

Some great No.1's in that year

Hit Me With Your Rhythm Stick,
I Don't Like Mondays,
Message In a bottle,
Another Brick In The Wall

I was divided between my birth year 79 and 78. Couldn't remember if Saddam came to power year before or during Thatcher's new parliament.

Border got it  
Heart of glass was number one on my birthday  
Love that song!
I've just been trawling all of the number ones that year and most of them are rather good  

Ooh.. we could do a "This was number one the day i was born" thread!

emma42 wrote:

Ooh.. we could do a "This was number one the day i was born" thread!

Good idea are you going to start a thread.

Yeah Emma, you had the good idea, you should be the one to start it    

Bazzer wrote:
Trying to play this in the right spirit and not Googling.

Not late 50's so 63/4?

bit to high 1961

West Germany wins the World Cup.
The first general election of the year produces a hung parliament.
Charles De Gaulle airport opens in Paris.
Richard Nixon resigns after the Watergate scandal.
Ceefax is started.
The Stranglers are formed.
The first personal computer goes on sale.
"The Rumble in the Jungle"
Birmingham pub bombings which the B'ham 6 were later imprisoned for.
Average house price was £10,990!
Kate Moss, Robbie Williams, Victoria Beckham, Sol Campbell were all born in the same year.
And on D Day of this year.....................out popped me!!

Don't encourage her Border.    
She'll keep coming back if you do.

Feckle that would be 1974....


I was born during the last worst winter in living memory. Apparently  

I heard about Elvis's demise on Radio Luxembourg, underneath the bedclothes on my little transistor radio

I remember John Lennon being murdered. I heard about it on the top deck of a Turner's bus, on my way to 6th form college. Wailey, wailey, wailey

But I'm too young to remember Churchill's funeral.

Alice wrote:
I was born during the last worst winter in living memory. Apparently

I remember John Lennon being murdered. I heard about it on the top deck of a Turner's bus, on my way to 6th form college.

Ike and Tina" Turner " 'S bUS........??


OOh you must be the same vintage as me Alice!!!Love Lizzie

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