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The way to go?

Is Denmark showing us the way to go?

I hope so. I've said this before but if the UK put a fraction of what it spends on nuclear energy  towards renewable energy, then i'm sure that we could achieve something along the lines of what the Danes are hoping for.
It makes common sense to me, in the long term, our environment would be better and safer, we'd be better off financially and just as importantly, we wouldn't be being held to ransom by the oil producers.

Bjorn Lomborg is not alone, with his doubt about renewable energy.

I used to own a 500kw wind turbine, sold its produce to the national grid, but when the government at the time put CO2 SO2 and umpteen other taxs on wind turbine owners which meant that I could barely break even, I sold it, to a company that was buying up all 500-1000kw turbine and removing them.
This company was recieving large amounts of EU cash for doing just have a think about that.

Its just a shame that most of what is spent in this country is given as incentives to foreign investors so most of our re-newable energy eg windfarms are owned by EDF (french) and a russian company so we still won't be in charge of our own energy

I believe danish Vestas and German Siemens are the largest suppliers to most of the offshore wind turbine parks in UK waters.

The Danish Dong Energy also are owner/operators of quiet a few of UK's wind parks.

Most of our power is from hydro and now lots of wind farms going up. We also have some from Natural Gas and coal which we have lot of.

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