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The wanderer returns........

One of our cats has turned up this evening after being missing for seven weeks!  Kids are overjoyed as we were convinced she had died a gizzly death somewhere!  She is a little thin but otherwise seems fine.  If only they could talk.......

That's brilliant news, I bet you are pleased!  Where has she been????  So glad she's home.  Is she chipped out of interest, not that it made a difference this time?

Yes-she is chipped, however have lost three cats previously that were so they're not the be all and end all!  However it doesn't cost us to chip our animals so we do it anyway!!  No idea where she has been-maybe we should strap a mincam on them for times like these!  Oddly enough the neighbours' cat (they have adopted it from some friends who have emigrated) was missing from about the same time and returned a few days ago-maybe they've been on a jolly together!  

awwww, i love a happy ending.......  

Three cheers! It's a worry when they go missing but cats are their own worst enemy aren't they?  One of my neighbours in the Midlands lost her cat and it turned up in Ipswich! It had arrived curled up asleep on a sofa in a removal van. Fortunately the new owners knew the previous ones and officially adopted it.
I've seen a cat curled up asleep on tarpaulin on a moving coal wagon - wonder where he ended up.  

That's a long time to be missing oh.gif

I'm glad that she's back home safe

Our cat has gone missing now  

She's been away for a few days so fingers crossed.

Oh Kaz, so sorry about that. i hope it will come back!!  

No sign of Casey. She was definately with us on the Sunday night, but not a sign since.
welsh lamb

Fingers crossed re yours Kaz
mrs tiggywinkle

I hope she turns up safe and sound Kaz!

Kaz, bazzer never took her even though she bit him, hope she turns up soon

one of ours we used to have would go of for about 3 months at a time, it always seemed to be after shed had a disagreement with another cat
she would always come back tho

Bet it was Grace that's to blame. Don't you dare suspect Tilly.

Hope the vicious monster turns up soon mate.

Any news Kaz or have I missed the announcement?


She's been gone for over 4 weeks now. She would have been 10 years old because I had her for my birthday 10 years ago but she was a very healthy, independant little cat.

oh thats great new im so happy for u

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