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The two we kept

10 weeks and full of mischief,

the delightfully pretty "little"Arwen

and the lovely Rush

very happy with these girls, also very happy with the herbs this year too

They are gorgeous

Two delightful looking dogs.  Well done - a good choice
Yorkshire Geordie

Very nice looking spaniels
My daughter Lucy has a 12 month old dog ......

He's called Wainwright and is the result of a Coast to Coast walk Lucy did last year in honour of Alfred Wainwright - the originator of the walk.

tidy spaniel, ironically we are upping sticks and moving to Shap in about a fortnight, which is on the C2C route.

Great looking dogs you got there.    

Lovely pups.  
We've allways had Springers. We used to breed them and train for trialing.
I had to have my last one, Jake, put down 2 months ago. I really miss him, he was 13.5 years old. I keep saying I'm going to get another but my wife says we are getting to old for another dog.
I will show her these two, it might change her mind.  

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