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The three 'O's

Show their three 'A's.
Olwyn, Olga and Olive. Pedigree registered gilts born 02/03/15


Dependant on how well they've grown, at what age do you generally aim get your gilts in pig? We tend to run ours with the boar at around ten or eleven months.
Last night, after a long time away from it, I re-opened one of my old book. It was 'Part Time Farming' written by one of the small holders legends Katie Thear and was surprised to read that she advocated putting pigs in pig at between six and eight months of age.
This, to be honest, is not the first time that I've found some of her advice to be a little off target, what do you think?.
Here are three of my GOS gilts born 03/01/15. I'm thinking of putting them to my young boar in November

I've had a little bit of experience with this subject this year. One of our gilts was got in pig accidentally when she was about 7 months old. She farrowed successfully and everything is fine, except that she's not as big as she should be for her age as she put her energy into making piglets instead of growing. Her sister was put to the boar at 11 months. She's due to farrow later this week and to be honest she's looking well but is a bit smaller than I would expect for her age too. I normally stick to over 12 months if I can but to be honest we've farrowed a couple of younger gilts this year with no problems at all. The have been well able to take the boar too even though he's a lot bigger than they were at the time of service. As a rule of thumb I'd say it's better to get them in pig young than to wait too long. You would also save a lot of money on feed if a gilt turns out to be a dud.
chicken feed

We usually wait until they are 13 -14 months just so the end result is a nice large sow for showing, having said that we did farrow on on her 1st birthday just as a experiment and to prove our point about sow size to the powers that be in our society and yes we have a very nice sow that is way smaller than I would have liked…… I shall not be making the same mistake again. We have a gilt born end of jan this year that will go into our breeding pool and aim at her farrowing next july.

I don't want them all pigging at once andso,  I'm thinking of sticking them in with the boar at one month intervals, so that farrowing is staggered. That's the theory anyway.

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