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The tastes of Summer

I am a big meat meat on the plate..where's my dinner type guy.

After the last couple of weeks, barbies galour....

My dear Lady asked what I fancied for tea/dinner this evening...simple answer a couple of cheese sarnies.... totally shocked her...
I went off down the garden cut a fresh Lollo Rosso lettuce and picked the first couple of tiny toms.

Fresh bread, Wenselydale cheese, loads of coleslaw and a few chopped chives added on top  ....Two door step sarnies.
All above piled on...

Could honestly eat them again....simplicity...beautiful...I'm drooling...
Bally beautiful................

Simply delicious  

Def meat lovers here.....but that sounds yummmmmmmy.

Would even better with a slice of ham on , me thinks but does sound great,some how when you can just go pick n eat tastes the best

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