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The sky has been dark with migrating birds

I have no idea what they are and it has only been the last year or two that they have been using this as a migration route - stopping for a rest on the electricity and telephone overhead cables before going off again.  Tiny little birds, having a rest and then going off in the South East direction.

When I used to work in Tel Aviv the Holon Junction was a migration route, for what seems to be weeks on end, various types of birds, on and on and on, but it was always known as a migration route.

Now we are getting these tiny birds, going round in circles and then having a rest - and off again.

I wish I knew what they were but I am happy that they have chosen this area, especially for where to have a rest before they take off and carry on to where they were going.

I hope they all make it successfully.

It's fascinating watching great shoals of them swirling in the skies

Starlings do it here at times, it's called a murmuration …sometimes a murmuration exaltation


These are so tiny - wings flapping so fast - I wish I knew what they were but mostly I hope they get to where they are going.

Such a wonderful sight.

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