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The Setup

OH's new hobby...

Apiary-plenty of room for the second hive!

Rear of hive

Front of hive with front door (sure it has a technical name!!)

Close up of front door-bit wobbly as don't like to get too close!


What a lot of lovley nettles

i'm not sure if you are aware freckle, but if you cut and dry the nettles they are excellent for general horse health maintenance.  Horses will eat them dried whole or ground up  
green man

May they thrive, great shots. They say you should tell your bees every thing important, else they will leave is this true?  

yup, all births, deaths, marriages, celebrations, so i was always told  

I always talked to my bees whilst going through the hive. It was better than talking to OH or kids as they just buzzed in agreement, plus they didnt moan when I swore at them. Havent got them anymore but still retain the interest and I do miss them


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