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The Secret Horse - the Quest for the True Appaloosa

I caught this documentary today on BBC iplayer, while waiting for my marmalade oranges to cook, and trying to ignore other household tasks.

I think it was originally on BBC 4.

A 69 yr old Appaloosa breeder happens to see a TV show which featured a horse sale in Kirghistan. She saw that one of the horses had all the features of the Appaloosa, which would prove her theory that the American Appaloosa crossed over land mass from Asia, thousands of years before the Spanish took horses to America.

This fascinating programme follows her journey with the original show's presenter to track down Appaloosas in Kirghistan.

Fabulous programme - grab a cuppa and watch it on iplayer if you can.
Northern Lass

Thanks - I'll be watching this later with a pot of tea!

Watched it on bbc 4 she was certainly passionate about the breed well worth watching

I will be wathcing this on iplayer this weekend as i missed it but my none horsey neighbour said it was well worth watching


You'll definitely enjoy it Claire. Look out for the special gait they use, which she calls 'the Indian shuffle' towards the end of the programme.

I've never ridden an Appaloosa but I've come across a few on endurance rides, for which they're ideally suited. Brilliant temperaments but scraggy manes and tails.

My hubby (who is very non-horsey) watched it & recorded it for me - he said it was very good - I havent had a chance to watch it yet

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