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The second Hairy Bikers Diet book.

We bought their second book today, its called 'The Hairy Dieters Eat for Life' and unbelievably, its even better than their first book and is an absolute must on your bookshelf.
We got if for seven pounds from Asda but its even cheaper through The book People. We can't wait  to be doing some of their new recipes.

I agree - the Beef Madras and the Beef Stroganoff are going to be amongst the first trials (but the apple and blackberry cornflake crumble is very, very tempting as well)
They even have popcorn and toppings  

Ah, its not the recipes that are the problem......
its keeping the man with the sweet tooth and insatiable appetite from stuffing his face.....

There are some fantastic 'puddings' in i.t

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