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The School Nature Table

The hazel catkins are out in the garden and when I saw them, I immediately thought of the school nature table that everyone of a certain age would have had in their infants and possibly  junior school classroom.

Along with catkins, do you remember the  pussy willows and sticky buds ? ( twigs from the conker trees)

I bet they don't have nature tables in classrooms anymore, mores the pity.

I remember taking a little dead bird for our school nature table.  I think it was a gold finch.  I thought it was so beautiful and so sad it died.  I had a nice teacher, though, and she l said we could lay it on the table for one day only and then she would bury it for me!
Green Rosie

Now they would berate you for handling something dead and clear the classroom until it had been fully fumigated .

A couple of years ago whilst digging a new garden with school children we dug up a rather large and very old bone.  The children were fascinated by it and started a discussion about what it could be and how it got there.  The  teacher was not impressed in any shape or form and she made me rebury it.  I hope her reaction didn't dissuade any would be archeologists from that career.

G.Rosie that is realy are kids supposed to learn..

As to the original question...I realy don't know... I 'll check it out with DD who finishes her Teacher training this year.....
As a kid ....ten or so years back   ..we always had a nature table.....
look forward to others putin' their penny wuth into this topic...
acorns,  chopped up frogs, willows  .........could go on forever...
How will the kids learn......
Green Rosie

Digindeep wrote:
G.Rosie that is realy are kids supposed to learn..

I soagree.  Working at another school last year a young girl (aged about 8)  asked me if the plant she was pointing to was a stinging nettle.  It was a tree

My daughters primary has a nature table - and the little ones are positively encouraged to bring ANYTHING in for it. Before xmas it sported a dead thrush for a day and the children did drawings of it. I recently took in a sheeps skull for them to see when they had the topic about bones and bodies. They were all totally fascinated. Love Lizzie

Ten years ago DD   ?

Our local school still has one.  

We had one in the Infinks.
Later it was back of the bike sheds.

bodger wrote:
Ten years ago DD   ?

YEAH!! ..wHATCHA  sAYIN'....Jus' 'ad a tru  matic uppers bringin'....      

Yes i remember the school nature table ..and taking sticky buds to school ..and old birds nests ..and conkers...and their shells, like a little cup and saucer...and old mans beard...and frogs spawn...and beautiful coloured autumn leaves....
Always had a nature bench in the garden for the boys as well...and i still cant resist leaves and conkers in a bowl indoors in the autumn....ahhh the simple pleasures of life ...

Not to do with nature tables but my nephew aged 7 took in his teacher a little christmas present and went up to his teacher to ive it to her after registration.  In front of the whoel class she thanked him very much but said that she couldn't accept it as it wouldn't be fair on the other children who hadn't brought her a present  poor little thing had to sit there all day with the un opened gift on his desk until he went home - maybe no big deal but he was mortified.

Got his own back though when he took in his skull collection (supplied by yours truly) for special interests day...teacher was not impressed...

Whilst talking to my two sisters over the weekend, this topic came up.
Both sisters are teachers with over 30yrs experience...
One has taught in the Grimsby area and the other in the villages around the High Wycome you've got two complete opposites.
It seems in the rural areas its encouraged, where as in the city where there is less wild life/forna ect....its not realy considered a must....
As with keeping school pets, its not just a problem to home the pets during school holidays....." Some pupils 'Could' have allergies" to said pets. again     PC brigade?  

ridiculous my school had animals and nature tables... thankfully katharine's schools have all had a pro-environment/real life approach.

Slightly   When Polidori and I have our own shared child (K is my step-daughter) we have agreed we shall aherm... be "vetting" the school verbally very insistently over our expectations toward their approach and practices on a number of educational issues we see as key to a proper education (outdoor education, food from field to plate, environment, a proper introduction to all world religions, politics) etc.

we even have a "nature table at home" for K. She just brings in everything from rocks to worms etc. and plunks them where she likes   But we try to keep them confined to the nature table (my pagan altar) and try to encourage the keeping of creepies in the right environment (not in the ruddy house!!)

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