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The Rat Pack. 8.30pm on BBC 1 this coming Thursday.

This programme looks like being one not to miss.

Fraid I would have 'necked' that feathered rat!

It's on again tonight at 8.30 on BBC1

'Oh my god'.  That was about all Hel and i could say through the program.  And these guys get paid for it    If it keeps people happy then fair enough, but some of the things they did were, well, a bit too close to some animal welfare acts for my liking.  The problem i see is that the general public will see this and think people are all the same where vermin control is concerned.  Im not saying im whiter than white were rodents are concerned, but i dont live catch and then give them 'a date' with the dogs.  Oh, and as for that Russel, well he is a braver man than me letting the world see his 'ratting exploits'  

Its got to be the funniest thing on TV at the moment.
mole trapper

Bodge, you aer correct it is funny, but sit where us pro pesties are and you just cringe for half hour, these two are a disaster waiting to happen, the bed bug thing was just farsical, and as for the dodgy antics these pair of wide boys get up to, well just beggars belief.
But as you say, good viewing.

They remind me of Jessie and Frank James. A couple of real cowboys.

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