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Is on BBC 2 tonight.

turned it over when Jimmy was talking to the lady who could'talk' pig...!

Watched Sherlock Holmes (again) instead.  Why do TV producers treat viewers like we have no brain?

Yet more fame for a plastic farmer created for TV.
He's no more than a presenter with contacts and I'd bet Lorraines kids know more about livestock than he does.
Going by all his TV work I'm surprised he even remembers where "His" (I wonder) farm is.
Still it fills a gap in the boring summer TV scheduals I suppose.

I watched it and thought that it was very superficial and that most, if not all of Jimmys experiments were so simple that they were hardly worth doing. Who'd have thought that a pig would have been able to smell apples and chesnuts under an inch of newly laid turf eh?  
The dolly bird talking 'pig' was a hoot. In the future, she's going to have a heavy cross to bear. Everytime she walks into a room the sound of young men grunting is something that she's going to hear for a long time to come. I hope that she was well paid.
I found the piece about wild boar more interesting. I always thought that pigs were woodland and jungle dwellers. They were obviously finding life out on those wild moors very hard, as was amply shown by how thin they were.
The two toffs keeping the saddlebacks were obviously enjoying their'good life' and had some super pigs.
I have a recording of a TV programme by Desmond Morris from 15 years ago illustrating that piglets do stick to the same teat, so that was a little bit of a steal and nowhere near as well done.
There was obviously a stark contrast between the life style of the factory reared pigs and the outdoor free range ones. The  difference between the  aseptic conditions of the factory farm and the sea of mud at Jimmys place was stark. I don't think that either was ideal.
The programme did take me back to some of the nightmare scenes in the original Jimmys Farm series, its amazes me how someone can make a success out of a failure.

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