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One for the Pot

The Old Man In The White Van

I remember when I was around 8 or 9 years old, we use to have an old man all dressed in tweed smoking a pipe and would drive an old escort white van (I think).

In this van would be chickens, goats, a couple of pigs, pigeons, ferrets and sometimes he would have the odd lurcher pup in a small crate filled with straw!  I never knew his name, or where he was from, but he would drive around the village on a Sunday morning tooting his horn until he was waved down by someone to make business. My father would always buy a few cockerals off him and on speacial occaisons would by a spring lamb.

Time went on and we moved to a different village. This man must of passed away now, he was at least 60 odd back then. I have not seen anything like this since we moved...doubt it's legal now with all these stupid rules and regs with have now.

Believe it or not, I use to look forward to seeing this man every Sunday, and if I did not see him, or hear his tooting horn down my road I would go looking for him on my bike, just to see his rosy red face, huge smile and more importantly to see what delights he had in his white van.


Life just isn't the same these days is it?  

Yes so many simple but great things have past into history saddly

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