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The New Vehicle...

A few years ago, we had a 7.5 lorry for transporting the horses about but as it was as old as the hills, eventually she had to be scrapped due to the fact she was seemed to have more rust than metalwork left. Pete said if we could ever afford another one, it would have to be a much younger one than the original. Never thought that was gonna happen though so we were grateful for the trailer and 4x4 but Pete's horse would never share, thus preventing us taking the horses out together.

My recent post in chat would have told you that financially we are now back on a good secure footing and one or two treats are in order...though this one is rather large!

It all started when bro-in-law told us of a lovely custom-built lorry stood in a field among the usual stuff you find on a farm where he goes to mend their machinery and help out at harvest (retired) and the farmer could really do with it moving...

Two months later we got the phone number. Three weeks after Pete leaving a message the owner got back to him. Seems he started this project 7 years ago but after his wife died he lost interest.  

We now are the owners of this beast.....

It's only done 50,000 and when the man who drove it to our house (he does this for a living, trade plates etc etc) said it was a cracking lorry and drove brilliantly for a lorry that hadn't been used in that length of time. Just a note, before it came home, Pete had had the cab up on several occasions checking hoses, pipes etc so that it there was minimal likelihood of it conking out on the way home!)

The farmer had moved it for us to the top yard but then we had to move fast as some 'members of society whom are a law unto themselves but to give them a certain name is not considered politically correct' kept hassling the farmer about buying it. Indeed, just after it was brought home on Tuesday, they actually sought the farmer out to find out where it had gone....! Rest assured, when it's stood and not being used, there is no way it can be started at all unless you know the little trick Pete has set up alongside the usual immobilizer he will be adding soon....  

The back of the lorry has been completed and is ready for horses, it's the living area that needs to be done, we have ordered white PVC boarding (apparently) for another bro-in-law to put in (builder/joiner chap) and there is an underfloor water tank linked to a water heater. There is a night heater that has been fitted but not secured to the floor. It has a brand new fridge, hob and sink ready to put in and a toilet that needs fitting too. The seats need sorting after the wiring is finished (it's been started) and it has a camera system for reversing and also in the horse area.

Enjoy the pics, look past the rubble in the living area and we are working on it on Saturday so will add more to this thread then.

The cab


Horse area

Living area

Luton and electric box on left

Where the fridge, cooker and sink will be, the metal box it the external tack locker


What a beast

!! *Beast* is right! And oh how much work (FUN!) its gonna be getting it just how you want it to be!

It should look very nice when it,s finished

That looks a great piece of kit and what a great project to be able to do the final fit to your own spec'...   well done you two

That looks fantastic   well done.

Looks like a nice waggon on the outside, bit of a tip on the inside, will make for an interesting project.

Very nice but do remember as a 7.5 tonne lorry it's unladen weight is 4.5 tonne so you only have three tonne to play with so you don't want to go too mad with the fit out plus horses.

VOSA are not subsidised by the government anymore so pull over practically every lorry they see. And at 1000 per tonne over weight plus 3 points on your license. Be mindfull of the finished product's gross loaded weight!

Looks like a grand lorry. I had an Iveco lorry in the uk, but no one seems to use lorries for horses here so I am back to a (livingless) trailer. Enjoy your new beastie!!

webley wrote:
Very nice but do remember as a 7.5 tonne lorry it's unladen weight is 4.5 tonne so you only have three tonne to play with so you don't want to go too mad with the fit out plus horses.

VOSA are not subsidised by the government anymore so pull over practically every lorry they see. And at 1000 per tonne over weight plus 3 points on your license. Be mindfull of the finished product's gross loaded weight!

The body is aluminium for lightness and will only ever carry two horses at once. OH is pretty clued up about these things being in the business.

You're gonna have fun with that, keep the pics coming!

Would make a fab house truck we don't have horses  

A few more pics of the inside looking a little tidier!

Mechanically wise, front brakes with new brake pipes and pads done, back brakes as wing mirrors in situ, drivers seat repaired, just waiting on a pipe that's coming tomorrow from Italy apparently...then it's just new back lights wired (currently sat in a box) and it will have a last check over before it's MOT!

Got some good quotes for insurance so will sort that next week (exam on Tuesday at school, no time to be thinking of anything but that for my students sake!) getting full recovery cover as well no matter where we are with horses transferred to another vehicle as well of course for peace of mind!

Once it's on the road we are packing a few sarnies and going out for a good run for the day!

Insulation secured temporarily

The toilet, as yet to be sorted, we don't want to start making holes in the side so a frame of some sort will be made to keep it in place but also make it easy to move to access the back to empty it.

Took me three hours to clean this lot up!


Looking SO much better!! (You accomplished a LOT for only 3 hours! Nice!)

well done looking good

Looking good, coming along at a goodly pace as well....

Good news on the lorry!

3T had her test today and although she failed she is mechanically sound with no advisories!

Things she failed on -

Reflectors on back door, needs them, Pete added chevrons, like the last lorry, they are not needed now but will stay!
Passenger side step mirror.
Needs two smaller mirrors under or above the wing mirrors.
A sign inside saying 'this vehicle is limited to 90 k/m per hour'

The VOSA man said after her last test, the law has changed hence needing these things.

We then bought them and Pete and Michael will fit them tomorrow and back she goes!

An extra 12 re-test fee on top of the 132 test fee today....and the insurance and breakdown cover we took out this morning! My card squeaked a bit....

No advisories either, epic! Pete is over the moon all that hard work has paid off, the fails are fine, it's just law changes....he was worried about the mechanical side!

Will tax her on Thursday (beat end of month rush at the post office on Friday!) then we will be off out for a run on Sunday....also adding stickers when the rain scuttled away....

Happy Dayz...

Great news, I can imagine your big relief when it went through    

Great news....     all that hard work has paid off.

Welldone  i HATE MOT time          ,  you can rest up abit now.   Pleased for you  

...and she's passed!




Well, it was all go earlier, we started to put in the roof boards in the living area after Pete spending ages working out the wires, seeing which belonged to which lights! Have figured out now which switch works the lights in the horse area and which for the toilet and main living area lights, so that's a start!

Will add more pics soon.... X

Lights in the toilet, so much safer than a candle...

Not updated this in a while!

The lorry is on the road and has been for a little bit, being used regularly.

My cousin is coming to do the living area for us when she's back off holiday.

This pic was taken yesterday at Wragby Show, Pete's granddaughter asked to borrow lily as her pony has been a bit naughty recently.

Will have more pics of the living area being done soon.


  great news

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